From A Pan African perspective where is civilization on the planet headed?

Civilization (As the West defines and imposes it) is headed towards collapse, total and permanent collapse; which is a good thing in the long run. 

Civilization literally means: More people occupying a territory than the local ecosystem can support. Civilized people are those people who can bring resources from beyond their territory, that’s all.  

All that bullshit about culture, intelligence, peace, rationality, advancement, etc.; is bullshit. Civilized men and women have demonstrated over and over again that they are more violent, more destructive, less reasonable than the uncivilized, so the only thing that puts the civilized above the uncivilized is CONSUMPTION!, that’s it.

The Civilized consume above and beyond what the ecosystems can provide, so civilization has been dooms since it’s founding, the only question is will the world’s ecosystems and other living creatures endure the fall of civilization; or will the civilized leave a dead, contaminated, radioactive planet in its wake.

We must work in our time to deconstruct civilization, on as I call it: The Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination and Capitalism; cuz that’s the civilization that we all live under and have had forcibly imposed on us, our ancestors, and our descendants. 

We can have art, culture, peace, and even technology without Civilization. We can return to living with in Ecosystems instead of living in Economies, we can have true peace instead of the perpetual war (Western) Civilization has impose on humanity. : #BroDiallo : #AWO