why take all the ofay bait? cracker’s goal was clearly to get you to post decontextualized disparaging shit about non-Black people of color, and you did without hesitation! I could tell you were pissed off writing it too – that whole shitpost about yellow people was bereft of the deep analyses of overwhelming coercive power/intergenerational warfare that made me follow you in the first place. I know that my people’s sellouts make it seem like solidarity is impossible, but remember they are

I think that the whole “Asians are so smart,” is also a part of the racism, dehumanization, and objectification of people of color.  I think we need to address the reality of Asia, Asians, and their emerging standing in the global community. 

I did mention, as you recognized that my criticism were not reflective all Asians, but the corrupt leaders of Asians nations. 

Much of the world looks to the “Asian Tiger Economies” as models of development, and I think we need to highlight that that model, patterned after the Western Economies is not sustainable and also leaves the masses of Asians under subjugation and impoverished.

I think my criticism were well within context, and again aimed at the corrupt leadership of the Asian nations, not the Asian people or culture.