In The Name of God(s).


To all you Religious Apologist; I don’t accept any of your arguments about how people who do corrupt and evil things in the name of your God or religion; “are not real ___________.” [Insert Religion here.]

If you God and Religion has people doing evil under its name, then there are only 3 possibilities:

1. Your God condones the acts of corruptions and evil done in His Holy Name.
2. Your God is powerless to stop the acts of corruption and evil done in His Holy Name.
3. Your God is pure fiction.

All off those options make your Religion and God void in my view. Sorry.

I mean if I was out here doing shit in the name of Disney, Nike, the US government, or you as an individual; I would at least get a cease & desist order, the threat of a law suit, or something.

We have people out here stealing, colonizing, raping, molesting children, killing….mass killings, committing Genocides! in the Gods, or under the cover of the Cloth, and none of the Gods take direct and immediate action. We have Muslims enslaving Africans for centuries, we have Jews established a Nuclear Powered State and purging the native inhabitants from the land, we have Catholics who’ve been sexually abusing children since before the fucking Crusades! Do I even need to say anything about the protestants?!? In all this shit people have asserted that they were servants of, anointed by, or acting in the name of one God or another.

Not once, in my recollection have any of the Gods even bothered to hold a press conference denouncing or distancing himself from these acts and individuals; let alone sending a lightning bolt to fry their assess as they commit the crimes. Hell I’d settle for another Burning Bush to get the message out.

But nope, all these Gods just relay on Religions Apologist who have no power or evidence, to testify that “dey don’t represent mah Lawd.” I ain’t buying that. Sorry.


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