White Aggressors Have Nothing Else to Burn.

Aggressors and White Nationalist are not burning down Black churches
because they hate Black Christians exclusively, or because they want to
drive Blacks away from the religion their ancestors imposed on us.  

When you think about it; Christianity is one of the best assets the
White Aggressors have, Christianity is one of the main weapons in the
White Nationalist arsenal; it is what’s keeping the masses of Black
people from rising up, overthrowing their oppression, and putting all
those who oppresses them or deny their humanity to death.  Seriously;
just look at the history.

Most of the people who take up arms to
fight Global White Domination are those who rejected Christianity, or
those who never allowed the Christian Missionaries to penetrate their
nations or their minds.  The White man is always calling his enemies
“Godless” for a reason, it’s not because they don’t have Gods, it’s
because they have rejected “the White Man’s God.”  The White man knows
that if a people reject his God, or have never been evangelized they
will not only be harder to colonize, oppress, or exterminate; they will
have the proper motivation to fight until the bitter end.  It’s so much
harder, damn near impossible to fight the very reflection of your God;
and the Christian God is White, Christian Doctrine is White; even your
Black Jesus shines the sandals of White Jesus.  No matter how you try to
Blackify or Africanize Christianity, that religion is White at its

Just look at the most effective and persistent
enemies/opponents of White Domination, the Atheist Chinese, the Shinto
Japanese, the Catholic IRA (and yes Catholic is a different religion
than the Protestant in White Tribal or internal conflicts; that’s why
the Protestant Irish were such sellouts), The Muslims all over the
world, the Buddhist Vietnamese, the animist Mau Mau, the Vodun Haitians,
etc, etc, etc.

You will not find a people who’ve mounted ongoing
or effective opposition to White Domination who didn’t refuse the White
Man’s Religion, who reject it after having accepted it, or at the very
least manipulated and “corrupted” the teachings of the “White Man’s
Religion;” like Nat Turner, or the Catholics who disguised their African
Gods within the saints and rituals of Catholicism.

There have
been no people, especially Blacks in America, who’ve mounted an ongoing
and successful campaign against White Domination while still praying to
the Gods given to them by the White Dominators.

So, understanding
all of this, we know that the White Aggressors don’t burn Black
churches because they want us to abandon Christianity, or because they
are against us praying to their Gods and following their Doctrines, so
why do they do it?

Well, the explanations have two roots:

1. White Aggressors have a ‘death urge,’ they have to create an “Other,”
then attack, mutilate, and kill the “Other.”  It’s central to their
culture and identity; they don’t attack us because we are Black, they
attack us because they are White.

Their overseas wars are
winding down or at a stalemate, they haven’t found another population of
non-Whites to demonize and kill just yet, so the war comes home; they
are going in on us again.  This culture, it’s adherents need to kill,
they simulate killing in their entertainment; movies and video games,
they encourage their slaves (Shit Hop Artist) to promote and glamorize
killing and death; as long as Whites have the capacity for mass killing
and destruction, they gon do dat shit; if you think I’m being unfair in
that assessment, simply provide some counter evidence.

Name a
population that Whites came into contact with anywhere in the world
where they didn’t at least attempt mass slaughter, rape, and theft.  
They were not always successful, but they did their damnedest each and
every time.  

I know their propaganda and indoctrination has painted poor Black youth as the prototypical killers; but that’s just Psychological projection; we know who the real Gangsters, Dope Pushers, and Mass Killers are.

So, they burn the churches because it satisfies a need they have for attacking and terrorizing the “Other.”

2. They have to target churches because WE HAVEN’T BUILT ANY FUCKING THING BESIDES CHURCHES in the last 50+ years!!!  

So, if you were a blood thirsty White Aggressor and you wanted to
attack Black Owned infrastructure that the majority of the Black people
in a community support and identify with; what the fuck else you got
besides the church?

You can’t attack these so-called “Black
owned” multi-million dollar record labels because they ain’t really
Black owned for one, and second they are more “intellectual property,”
the White man still owns the physical infrastructure of the music
industry, the manufacturing facilities that make the tour buses, the
concert halls, the recording equipment, the gold chains, and overpriced
luxury goods; all that shit; so there’s no way to burn the Black owned
recording industry without pissing off some White folks with real power.
 The same goes for these Black owned fashion labels and shoes like
Jordan’s, “The White man gets paid off of all of that.”

Why don’t
they burn a Foot Locker that sells them overpriced Jordans, or a Best
Buy that sells them beats by Dre headphones; cuz that shit is BINO
(Black in name only), but the profits go to Whites and Asian communities
and nations; and the Black community don’t get shit except more poverty
and overpriced worthless shit.

They can’t target most Black
businesses because most Black people wouldn’t give a fuck; Black
businesses go belly up every day due to lack of support, and if they
burned a Black owned business most people wouldn’t even know the
business existed before it was burned.  Take it from a Black cooperative
entrepreneur; if you get 1-2% of community support you are lucky.  

We got Black hair salons and barbershops too, but remember, they rent
from White people and White corporations, so the White Aggressors who
burn churches don’t wanna cross their own White Elites who fund them, so
they stick to churches.

Churches are the only thing in the Black
community that’s Black, they own their buildings, they get regular
income, and they have mass support from a wide sector of the community;
almost no other Black enterprise can make this boast.  

So, since
we “haven’t built shit” else, White Aggressors are forced to burn
churches. It’s not like the good ole days when they had Black
industries, Black factories, Black institutions, Black colleges, Black
manufacturers, Black shipping companies, Black theaters, etc., to burn
between fighting international wars; all they got left after more than a
century of economic warfare and suppression are Black churches, to
burn.  They couldn’t do another Rosewood massacre or Tulsa race riot now because there are no more Black economic centers left in this country.  SMH.

So, if you don’t like Black churches being burned, then you have to
give the White Aggressors something else to Burn, or you have to secure
Black Liberation and Black Power so that these cowards will not be able
to act out their innate aggression against our communities and our

One of the biggest ironies is that the abundance of
Black churches and the bullshit they teach our people is the biggest
obstacle to Black Liberation and Black Power.  But that’s a whole nutha
discussion and I’ve pissed off enough people already, so I won’t go into

I will say this; it would scare the shit out of Whites if
we never bothered to rebuild those churches, the same people who burned
them would volunteer to build them for us; that’s how crucial Black
churches are to Black subjugation