Problems | Solutions | Responses | Conclusions


The Problem: Middle and upper-class white male youth began to go on shooting sprees at their schools and in public areas.
The Solution: Mass resources invested in intervention, counseling, and reaching out to despondent and isolated teens; along with public sympathy for both the victims and the shooters.

The Problem: In response to teasing and bullying, several White Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender youth commit suicide.
The Solution: A national campaign, to assure LGBT youth that their lives will get better if they hold on, it instantly draws the public support from many celebrities and politicians. Massive support networks and out reach almost instantly reduce the number of suicides. LGBT exclusive schools and community centers open in select cities.

The Problem: After centuries of oppression and poverty Black youth began to engage in self-destructive violence throughout America’s inner-cities.
The Response: Mass incarceration, demonetization of Black males in particular and the Black community in general. The police began a military occupation of poor Black communities and the Black upper classes along with noted Black celebrities do everything in their power to blame and denounce poor blacks while never committing the needed resources to address the problem.

The Conclusion: The United States will never give the Black community the resources, sympathy, or the justice it seeks. Those Blacks who benefit from the system of repression are just as hostile to the community as their masters. The solution to our problems is within us. If we fail to unite and take the appropriate action there will be no future for our youth, in other words; genocide for our entire race.