How do you respond to black people who claim pro-blackness is innately anti-white and that capitalist nations are truly democratic? And also what would you say the legacy of the black panthers is?

Imma let you in on an open secret; “you can’t free slaves.”

I know we’ve been taught about emancipation, freedom, and liberation being given to us, or us taking it.  But once you look beyond the surface, you’ll see that the Slaves continued to conduct themselves as slaves even after they were granted “freedom.” 

There’s a difference between the enslaved and the slave.  The enslaves resents their enslavement and constantly seeks liberation and engaged in Resistance at every opportunity.  The enslaved is also not content with emancipation, legal rights, or integration; they want their own state, to live under their own culture, institutions, laws, traditions, and power.  The enslaved will not allow you to free them, they will only cooperate with you on securing mutual freedom.  The enslaved understand that freedom an a collectively expressed individual position.

The slave on the other hand either embraces, or accepts slavery in all of its manifestations, Chattel Slavery, Spiritual Slavery, Cultural Slavery, Intellectual Slavery, Wage Slavery, Integration, Individualism, Imprisonment, etc.  The Slave embraces reforms, and only seeks to have their enslavement be more humane, or offer them better opportunities within the Systems that enslave them.  The slave also denies the slavery, where the enslaved will recognize slavery even when they are not in chains, when they have money, education, good jobs; they know that until they have total Liberation, Justice, and Sovereignty, they are still enslaved and they resent and fight that shit. 

The slave will also to what I call “Intellectual Acrobatics” to justify or cover-up their submission to slavery.  They deny being a slave, they try to redefine what slavery is in such a way to exclude their particular from of enslavement.  They even try to equate those who resist slavery with those who enslave; by saying shit like “pro-Blackness is anti-White,” or that Blacks can be Racist too.

Slaves were broken then bred by their masters, and they are still breeding.  The slave breeding is not genetic, it’s social and ideological.  The Whites invest billions in schools and media to breed more slaves, and the more successful slaves, the wealthy Black slaves donate millions more to fund and prop up Slave Factories, which used to be called “Ni99er Factories.” These slave factories indoctrinate slaves even deeper into their slave mentalities and practices.  They disguise themselves as clubs, Frats, Civil Rights organizations, colleges, universities, etc; but they are “Ni99er Factories,” not much different than the Slave Breaking Camps the turned the first Enslaved African into a Submissive Slave.

So, by the time you got a Black person so sick as to equate “Pro-Blackness” with White Racial Aggression, you know you dealing with an abject slave. So don’t waste your time, it’s like trying to improve your enemies product or property; why would you do that.  These Slaves are the property of the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, so just note that and move on.  Don’t argue with them, or waste time trying to explain the obvious to them.  They sick, they willfully sick and they see their sickness as health, and they feel attacked when you try to offer them medicine, or any kind of remedies for their illnesses.  

I call today’s manifestation of the abject slave a New Negro; and my policy for them is to Expose them for what and who they are to the larger community, Isolate them from my life and efforts so they can’t cause any internal damage, and Expel them to the extent that it is possible from all valuable and needed works on behalf of the Black community; once we do that, we don’t need to bother with them.  I call this the NNSEP (New Negro Self Exposure Protocol). 

Also, anytime you hear a New Negro talking fondly about Capitalism and Western Democracy, you know that they are not only slaves, their stupid slaves; “so stupid that they would pick cotton at night, after all the other slaves have gone to sleep.  That they are not only stupid, they are arrogant in their stupidity” – Kwame Ture.  

Don’t waste time with or on them. 

Oh, and let me drive home the point that “YOU CAN’T REALLY FREE ANYONE, YOU CAN ONLY COOPERATE AND ORGANIZE WITH LIKE MINDED BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO SECURE YOUR MUTUAL FREEDOM AND EMPOWERMENT.”  You don’t give Freedom, you take it, you build it collectively.  Also, you can’t wake up a willing sleeper, you can’t educate the willfully ignorant.  Never fight for unity or cooperation, only fight for liberation and power against your oppressors and enemies.  If cooperation is not given and shared, then you don’t want it; specifically from Sleeping, Ignorant Slaves. 

As far as the Black Panther, I’d say their legacy has been captured by the Corporate Media Apparatus, the are packaged and sold to the masses as if the whole damn movement was just some 70s Blaxploitation flic. 

The youth see images of Afros, leather jackets, rifles, and fist in the air and they think that’s what it was all about.  Then we have impostors like the New Black Panther Party further distorting the legacy.

In reality, the Panthers were a serious international Revolutionary Party.  They engaged in intensive research and study, they made international alliances with Guerrilla and anti-colonial movements in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  The had a viable plan and pragmatically worked to execute their plans and agendas.  They were a serious threat to the “White Power Structure,” and Global White Domination, and the government’s own records and actions prove this.

The BPP was not without serious contradictions,Sundiata Acoli breaks it all down in a very short essay entitled “A Brief History of the Black Panther Party and its Place in the Black Liberation Movement.”  Acoli offers specific list of what the Panthers did right and where they went wrong.

Their legacy is a great one, but not one we need to foolishly try to mimic or exploit like the NBPP; we can simply learn what our ancestors and elders have to teach us, and build and improve on what they did. 

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