Sisters, White Feminist Are Not Your Ally.

Feminist fight for their share of the spoils of Slavery,
Colonization, and Imperlism; they seek a seat at the table of White
power, they don’t seek to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of
White Domination.

Just study how Feminist behave when they come
to power; or just wait until Hillary is elected, and you’ll get a fresh
example of what I’m talking about. Or you can look at the 20 White
females Senators (the most in US history) in the Congress and their
policies, they are in line with all the White men (and the one New
Negro) in the Senate.

Under White Domination, Oppression not only
targets our skin color, it targets our culture, our genders, our
intellect, all that we are. Black Women suffer uniquely under White
Domination, just like men, children, the disabled, children, poor,
LGBTQ, etc.; and they all need space within the larger liberation
struggle to address their particular issues; and this is not a threat to
the larger struggle, it enhances the larger struggle.

I don’t
oppose Women’s Groups, Rights, Leadership, or them organizing to target
gender based oppression, exploitation, and abuses; that doesn’t threaten

I oppose Feminism, because that movement is a lie, it has
betrayed Black women, and you betray my Sisters, then you have an enemy
in me. I don’t oppose Feminism because it it’s empowering Black women,
because that’s not what it was founded to do, or has ever done.

Some Black women don’t want to give up on Feminism, no matter how
ineffective and treasonous it has been for them for the same reason
Black men won’t give up on Sexism, or Blacks won’t give up on
Integration, Capitalism, Christianity, Islam, or a long list of other
dysfunctional and anti-Black shit that’s was never for us, and has not
served us; because we are Oppressed, Dependent, and have yet to erect
strong and lasting alternatives to these anti-Black systems and

I thinks it’s stupid for a Black women to see a
rejection of Feminism as a rejection of their voices and struggles
because they are not the same thing; Feminism is a struggle for White
women to reach economic parity with White men within the Systems and
Institutions of White Domination! That’s all it has ever been, that is
all it has ever done. Oh, and it has jumped in to take credit for the
struggles and progress of non-White women, just like the Imperialist
nations take credit for bringing Democracy and Freedom to the 3rd World.
It’s a lie, but it’s what White Aggressors do, take credit for shit
they opposed, or had little to nothing to do with.

I love Black
Christians, and I hate Christianity; and most Christians can not make
the distinction. The same goes for Islam. You have Negros out here who
will literally fight you for dissing the US Armed forces, I’ve had
Negros fight me for dissing Greek Letter Organizations; so the Sanger
Disciples (Black Feminist) are not alone in their refusal to abandon
Movements/Ideologies/Organizations that are anti-Black; and fight
against other Blacks who critique their chosen non-Black


Note; I know the Sanger Disciples are gonna jump on here and tell me of
all the wonderful teachings and claims about Feminism; but that’s not
different than a Christian telling me about the wonderful shit in the
Bible, or some patriotic Negro telling me about all the Freedom and
Democracy in the US Constitution.  

They care more about empty
words than actual historical facts.  We can’t eat rhetoric, the proof is
in the pudding; I don’t care how good their critique of Patriarchy and
Women’s oppression is, how have they reduced it?  How have White women,
and Black Feminist behaved when they came to power?  

Another Note:  Gloria Steinem is running around saying that; “Black Women founded Feminism,” SMH.  Here’s what I say to that:

“We can’t go off of Gloria’s rhetoric, she says that shit to draw in
more Black women. Feminist have always used the suffering of Black women
to legitimize their struggles. Don’t be seduced by this BS.

Harriet Tubman was bashed in the head by White women. Ida B. Wells was
told to fuck off when she asked the Suffragette movement to take up the
anti-lynching effort, Sojourner and many other Black female activist
were mock and attacked by White women.

Black women were fighting
for Black Liberation, against White men and White women…, and too
often Black men; but the White woman was not her ally.”