Be honest. Do you have problems with people who live in mansions own a yacht or private jet and people who aspire to live this way?

Yes, I do have problems with people who live in mansions (unless they have a very large, or multigenerational family that requires that much space), own yachts, or private jets; I have a really big problem with them.  I also have a problem with people who aspire to own mansions (unless they have a very large, or multigenerational family that requires that much space), or own yachts, or private jets.

The reason why:  I understand Capitalism, Class, Wealth, and Production.  I know that the rich in this particular System are all parasites, all of them; the only way to get rich and sustain riches in this system is to behave like a parasite.  If you don’t engage in parasitism you will not gain or sustain the kinda wealth needed to live in a mansion, own a yacht or private jet. 

All wealth in this system is based on the destruction of the world’s ecosystems and hyper-exploitation of other human beings, that’s it.  I looked into it, and I did find any current wealth that didn’t depend on omnicide and hyper-exploitation. 

Even when individuals like performers, entertainers, athletes; who appear to gain their wealth from their own immense talents and sacrifices are parasites.  They structures and economy of entertainment is rooted in Omnicidal Capitalism, and the owners of teams, promoters of concerts, insurance companies, jewelry makers, manufactures of music equipment, and all that other shit are all part of the ecocidal, hyper-exploitative Capitalistic System.

If you are a great talent who rejects Capitalism, your talent will not matter, there are many examples of people with great talent, but with even greater integrity who refused to use their talents to promote the Omincidal System of Capitalism, and rejected the riches that they could gain in return; and these principled individuals were driven out of their fields, or who work in relative obscurity (aka the undaground).  Even if you are willing to sign the contracts and do ya job, but you intend to speak the truth they will still bury you like Craig Hodges, John Carlos, or Ali.  So even those we are told got rich off of their sheer talent are not rich based on their sheer talent, but they are rich because they embrace Omnicidal Capitalism.

No one in this world had done a billion dollars worth of work, no one has done hundreds or 10s of millions of dollars of work; I can even agree that there my be folks who’ve contributions to the rest of us may warrant they they get some extra money, status, and recognition, but once you got muthafuckas with private jets flying over homeless children; shit is too out of balance to be sustained.  There should be a floor and a ceiling in an economy or that shit will boom and bust and keep fucking shit up for the masses.  There should be a level that no one in a civilized society is allowed to fall below economically, and a limit to how far any individual can rise above those on the bottom; that’s fucking civilization, what we live in with all of these mansions, yachts, and private jets is a system of hi-tech barbarism.

The only reason poor people admire the rich, the masses foolishly think they are not entitled to criticize the rich, or to take their ill-gotten shit, and the masses think that they are one lottery ticket, or one great idea away from joining the elites is because they are so fucking indoctrinated by the rich who control the media, the news industry, and the education systems.  If the indoctrination ever broke down we could re-balance the world’s ecosystems, and economies in less than one generation; but the fucking indoctrination is too strong.

People will, poor people, working class people, the middle-class people will be outraged by what I’m saying here even though I’m not suggesting anything here but their own empowerment.  That’s how deep the indoctrination runs, the rich show utter contempt for the working classes as the working classes worship the rich; it’s modern Feudalism. 

Oh, and it’s a total fucking myth that Capitalism has brought us all these advances in medicine, culture, and technology; that shit was all built on a Socialistic inputs and infrastructure, then handed over to the Capitalist to profit from, from MRI machines to the fucking computer and internet.

So, fuck the rich, unless they all commit Class Suicide and join the masses in a world wide Revolution to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of Capitalism and Global White Domination; if they don’t they too are the enemy.  If I was rich, I’d do like Bob Marley; give money to support dozens of other families, I would arm anti-colonization rebels in Africa; travel the world and chant down the very system that’s paying me (at the very least).

I don’t admire mothafuckas who desire or work to be rich, I admire Africans who conspire and organize for Liberation.