Due to “gentrification and population shifting,” black people are being pushed out of known territories. Out of places we have been living in since migrating from the south. What if we shift directions and have a migration out of the north back to the south? Where we can be in the majority?

Gentrification is Ethenic Cleansing.  

The forced movement of populations through economic manipulations, public policy, or force of arms is an act of Genocide.

The US has been herding Black people like Cattle since we were defined as Human Chattel up to now.  

Until we see “gentrification” as a part of an ongoing, one-sided (White on Black) Race War we will never mount effective counter-measures against the Ethnic Cleansing of traditional Black communities. 

As far as us or “we” shifting directions, we have to acknowledge that there is no organized policies, agendas, or protocols, or even organizations for Black people in the US.  We like to talk about the “We” but we can’t really talk about the Black “We” or “Us” in the context of mass organized or coordinated actions, we can only talk about “We” or “Us” in the context of the atrocities and oppression we are subjected to.  

So, before we construct any plans for “We” we have to work to create the “We” that will carry out the plan. 

It will not matter where we “migrate” to either, until we can get enough of “Us” organized for Liberation, real Liberation Work, not activism, protest, and other Reactionary efforts. 

When we were in the South before the mass migrations to the West and North we were oppressed; after we arrived in the West and North we remained oppressed to this day.  As were are driven out of the North and West we still oppressed, and we are returning to the South, under oppression, the same oppression those who never left the South endure.  

It don’t matter where we are, until we transform how we think and act, we will be oppressed.

Dr. Amos Wilson said there’s no value in the land, the real value for people is in their ideas, their vision, their culture, and ability to sustain and perpetuate their ideas, vision and culture across generations.  If you do that you can live on a rock and prosper, if not, you will live on land with abundant resources and remain poor. 

Finally our level and quality of organization matters more than our numbers, it don’t matter if we are a majority or minority; it’s all about quality over quantity. Just ask the Jewish population in the US, or the global minority of Whites (aka: the 1%) who dominate the global economy.  

Don’t mean to be all doom and gloom, but we do need sober analysis and clarity in order to determine correct actions.