Growing up as a Jehovah’s Witness, I was taught that it was the only true religion. All other religions are teaching incorrect information. The bible was always held with high authority over any human. There are several books produced by JWs and magazines monthly which claim to have research backing its contents. I see the fraud in religion, but most of what I see is not a part of the JW faith. Can you please give me your opinion about this religion that claims to be the truth?

I used to call JWs, Jehovah’s Idiots, and one scholars called them Jehovah’s Wickedness.

JW is nothing more than a cultist Christian sect invented by some random White male nut.  Just like Mormonism, the Branch Davidians, the Anglicans, the Calvinist, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

White men (and egocentric, delusional men of other Races, to be fair) are always inventing “one true religions,” all the damn time, they emerge from the major world religions, or they are pulled right of the ass of the White men without any connection to any of the established religions, like Scientology.

It’s all bullshit, rooted in bullshit, and produces even more bullshit.  All of it, the root religions are bullshit, and all of the cults, sects, denominations are bullshit.

If you truly “see fraud in religion, but mostly of what you see is not part of the JW faith,” then you ain’t looking deep enough, or you are using JW propaganda to evaluate all other religions. 

JW is dumb as shit, and full of holes, you don’t remember all the times they predicted the end of the world, had their members divest of all of their shit while they waited for the return of Jehovah?  Notice how the JW and the Watch Tower never liquidated all of the property held by the JW leadership, notice how they held onto the multimillion dollar properties held in Brooklyn NY, and all them ugly ass Kingdom Hall buildings they build all over the world.  They kept that shit and all the money even up to the day of Armageddon, while their members lost everything.

The JW portray themselves as humble witnesses of Jehovah’s truth, but in reality they are a vicious cult.  They are smart because the JW, unlike the Mormons or the Scientologist avoid conflicting with those who disagree with their faith, and outsiders in general. 

The JW tend to focus their oppression internally, they pimp their members and leave other people alone, aside from an occasional knock at the door, but they will not argue or debate, you tell them to fuck off and they smile and go away.

The JW threaten, manipulate, exploit, isolate, abuse, rob, and “dis-fellowship” their members.  They tell their members that their children or loved ones are demon posses, they isolate their members from loved ones outside the “fellowship.”  They become the sole source of truth and salvation for their members, they consume the time and energy of their members, they prohibit their members from engaging in community life so that they can better controls them.

Just travel around all look at the Kingdom Halls around your community, they don’t have windows, that’s a perfect metaphor for the JW cult, they keep their shit locked up inside.  People think the JW are a harmless joke, but they are a treacherous cult that breaks up and terrorizes family, while they generate billions of dollars and house of free labor from their membership; and they got so many of our Black people locked up in that bullshit.

Their strategy of not confronting and conflicting with outsiders has kept them under the radar so far, so I don’t know if they will take a fall anytime soon, or provoke the hostilities of the masses like the Scientologies, the LDS, and other cults often do.

This post is getting kinda long so I won’t go into the absurd doctrine and teachings of JW, but I appreciate your question and encourage you to keep studying.  Leave the Fellowship, even if it cost you contact with you relatives, it’s worth it in the long run.