Is there a difference between a liberal and a leftist?

See, you about to start a Semantic War in the blogoverse, Anonymous.  That’s because the title Liberal and Conservative have no meaning in the Western political context anymore.  That world hasn’t meant shit in the US since J. Edgar Hoover obliterated the true Left of the American political spectrum over half a century ago (COINTELPRO put the final death nail in the Left, but the war against the Left started back in the late 1800s); there is no Leftist party or power in the US anymore, so most people have a very warped view of the Left, and Liberalism in the West and the US in particular.  But that wasn’t your question.

In a political science text book it would state that a Liberal is one who embraces the Leftist Ideology, and advocates for Leftist Policies; but that’s not the fucking truth, and it’s been a while since I’ve had a Poli. Sc. course, so I don’t even know if they say that BS anymore.

A Liberal is one who practices Liberalism, Liberalism is (in theory) a position that people should be free, or liberated to pursuer their goals and happiness as long as it does not impinge on another person’s liberty and freedom.  But this is fucked because you can argue that almost anything someone else does impacts you in some kinda negative way; that’s what the whole anti-Gay Marriage movement is saying; Gays getting married fuck up their shit, that it fucks up society’s shit. 

Today we tie Liberals and Liberalism to high taxes, gun restriction, abortion (on demand and without apology), the Democratic Party, Gay Rights, and all kinds of other shit; but that ain’t really what Liberalism is about.

Conservatives are Liberal about Gun Ownership, they are liberal about free enterprise and deregulation.

Liberals are very conservative about mandated schooling, vaccinations, the licensing and control of pets, and all kinds of shit. 

Abortion used to be a Conservative issue, because they supported Eugenics and Abortion was thought to limit the number of undesirable in the population.  The Conservative Icon Reagan singed one of the most Liberal pro-Abortion bills in the nation when he was governor of California.  The Liberals embraced abortion long after the Conservatives were pushing it along side Racial Hygiene. 

Liberals are supposed to be anti-War, but Obama was a bigger warmongerer than Bush, and the Liberals ain’t had one anti-War march since Obama took office, they only hate War when Conservatives do it.  LoL. SMH.

Nixon was considered a Conservative boogeyman, but he was more pro-Environment in his polices the Clinton, Bush II was more so then Obama, and Nixon was more tolerant of social movements and uprisings than Obama is (see the Occupy take-down), one could argue.

Hell, aside from the mass killings, and invading Western Europe, the Nazis were an extremely Liberal Party, they were pro-public health, pro-conservation, pro-child care; hell Hitler was a gay, Vegan, animal lover who woulda been a PETA member if he stayed with art instead of going into politics….we could argue. 

So, that’s how fucked mixed up Liberal and Conservative is.  There are millions of examples of Liberals acting like fucking conservatives and conservatives acting very Liberal. 

That’s why Liberalism don’t mean shit, nor does Conservative in this political system.  Conservative is code for Racist tho, and Liberal most often means, I cool everything…until my status and privilege is threaten, then I’m voting Republican.  This song breaks down Liberalism flawlessly: 

Now a Leftist is something different.  The a Leftist opposed the dominate political paradigm, while the Liberal is on the Left end of that same paradigm (shit, I’m just now answering your question, sorry about that, feel free stop stop reading here). 

A Leftist can be Conservative or Liberal, but they hold to fundamental Leftist ideas and methods, that Liberals reject and fight against.  Pan-Africanism is a Leftist ideology, but there are conservative and liberal, pragmatic, and militant Pan-Africanist. 

Leftist are anti-Capitalism, they are Socialist, they are anti-Reformist, they are Revolutionist, they are anti-Imperialist, they are not non-violent, they embrace any and all scientific and effective methods that will advance their causes, they seek empowerment and liberation, not more benevolent leaders and rulers. 

The Leftist, the real Leftist are beyond Western Politics, it’s inherently Revolutionary, if you ain’t about Revolutionary, they your ain’t truly Leftist…in my view.  A Liberal is not inherently Leftist, and a Conservative is not automatically not a Leftist. 

But this is all semantics, and Leftist is a big umbrella, Revolutionary Communist, Pan-Africanist, Radical Environmentalist, Animal Liberationist, Anarcho Socialist, and many other formations and ideologies are Leftist.  That’s why it’s better to be more specific about what type of Leftist you are dealing with, or tryna be.

(I’m ready to debate myself as I write this, so don’t be shocked if a buncha other people get on here and say a buncha other sit about these titles and ideologies; but this is my view….as of now.)  LoL!