What are your feeling towards the students/players/staff boycott at the University of Missouri? What are the takeaways (if there are any)?

It’s akin to the Confederate Flag being brought down in SC; it’s a superficial change that will not affect the fundamental power and economic relationships at the UofM, the city of Columbia, the State of Missouri, the United States of America, or the planet earth.

Global White Domination has moved to a stage where is dosen’t need blatant Racism or Racist to operate.  We are dealing with “Racism without Racist.”

Racist are not tolerated by the mainstream, but all of the conditions created and perpetuated by Racism and White Domination are.  Look at all of the social indicators related to Blacks, they are either stagnant or worsening, since the Civil Rights Movement, hell, since the Reconstruction Era; we are not advancing, so what does the resigning of a head of a Racist institution really mean?  Is UofM finally changing, is the US getting better?  No, it’s not. 

This was an Integrationist effort, and Integrationist efforts inspire us, fill us with hope, but they don’t stand up over time. 

This system is more than willing to sacrifice a Racist, or two, or three.  They will indict a killer cop, cancel the endorsements of a celeb who’s caught using the N-Word, or force a university president to resign; that’s nothing to the Systems and Institutions of White Domination, hell, they’ll send their own children to fight and die in the Third World to preserve this system, so what’s a university president to this system?  Nothing. 

I was born and raised in Missouri, I was just there a few weeks ago, and shit is fucked up for Black people all over the state (nation, world); and it hurt me to see oppressed people dancing in the streets about the Royals going to the World Series as our political, social, economic, and cultural conditions in the state further decline.  I don’t even have to go into details about Missouri cuz the meida has been focused on the region since the #MikeBrown murder and not the UofM shit, just know that the Racism and Oppression in the state are not confined to Ferguson or the Mizzou campus, and forcing a police officer or a university president to resign ain’t fixing shit.  Sorry.

I know the knee-jerk response to what I’m saying is always; “then wut is you doin,” but that don’t matter either.  What I’m doing, or what I advocate for dosen’t garner popular support because I seek systemic transformation of the Black world view and social relations, I want the total dismantling of these Systems and Institutions that oppress the world, not their reform; so I don’t get popular support for my efforts or advocacy. 

People say I’m unrealistic, but they then accept a brutal, psychopathic minority of Whites ruling the world, and destroying the life sustaining capacity of the earth as not only realistic, but as the only viable way to organize human social relations.  But that’s all due to mass indoctrination our people get in schools like Mizzou. 

We still want a secure and comfortable place in our Oppressors’ Universities, economies, and their Global Systems, and that is where we put our efforts, we send our best, brightest, and most gifted to their Universities, to fight for inclusion and use their talents to build up their institutions; and we think it’s a victory when we win even minor or superficial concessions.

What happened at the UofM further legitimized and strengthens that Racist institutions, it refines the White Power Structures it dosen’t weaken them.  The Black students will be better integrated, and the Racist will be driven further underground; but White Domination and its agendas will still be supported and advocated by the University, its students, and the Black students as well.  Just like electing a Black POTUS enraged Racist, but advanced White Domination and it’s global agenda. 

A Revolt ain’t a Revolution, and a Resignation is even less than that.

Slaves refusing to pick cotton until the Plantation Owners forces the Head Slave Driver to Resign is not freedom, it’s reform.  Such a move will not end Slavery, or the Plantation System, just make it a little more comfortable for the Slaves, the slave drivers, and ultimately more profitable for the Plantation Owners. You see what I’m saying. 

Revolution is when the Slaves say; “we ain’t picking cotton.” The Master inquires, “ until what,” and the slaves respond; “until nothing muthafucka, we done picking cotton and there’s nothing you can do or offer us to return to your fields.”  That’s where we should be in 2015, but we ain’t there, so WTF can I do besides sit on the side as the rest of yall celebrate yet another victory.

I just hope the world and its ecosystems can hold on long enough for enough of us to really wake up and come up off of this reform and integration shit. 

The only reason we don’t have total and permanent liberation for Africa, Africans (across the globe), and the elimination of Global White Domination is because we’ve never made the the mission.  We’ve never been denied anything we’ve been willing to organize and fight for, but our oppressors have worked hard to limit the scope of our struggles and our very imaginations.  We can’t imagine a world where we are not fighting to get to the front of their buses, in their White House, or for better treatment on their university, so that’s what we fight for and secure. 

If we imagined a different world, and organized and fought for that world, we’d have it.  But we don’t, or not enough of us do, not yet.

I know I can be easily ignored and called a “hater,” or an Online Revolutionary, or some other dismissive shit; and so be it.  The unpopular and uncomfortable truths used to get people killed, so being called names don’t really bother me, never did; but somebody has to look at the bigger picture and articulate the harsher truths.