Yet Another Dehumanizing Myth about Black People…


If you are one of the many idiots who believes and promotes that nonsense that “Black people don’t care when we kill each other, but get up in arms when Whites or Cops kill us,” please, keep your ignorant ass away from me. Far away, if I see anyone promoting that vicious lie, I’m deleting they asses.

Just because the White Media loves to show the carnage, and your TV Brain will not show you the sorrow, shame, and work poor Black people are doing to address the violence (with next to no funding, and sporadic positive media attention) don’t mean our people don’t care.

I don’t even agree with 99% of the work people are doing to address the violence, but I’m not gonna pretend that they are doing nothing, or that Black people don’t care when we kill each other, that’s just a fucking dehumanizing lie. If you Black you should know better, if you are so detached from your own people to not know that, then stay the fuck away from me, you stupid muthafucka.

One more thing, if you wanna throw you hands up and give up on the Black community because of the violence and homicides, then you best give up on the entire US, and become a hermit because if you gon denounce the Black community for violence then I know you must have denounced the US and the US economy long before that, right?

You know the US government and corporations are directly responsible for killing millions right, and they are indirectly responsible for killing and maiming millions more than that, you know that right? You know that Obama is responsible for the death of more Brown and Black children than all the Gang Bangers in South Chicago put together right? You know that right? (See: Drone Bombing Victims)

So, if you on some “fuck Black people” shit, but not on some fuck White people, and this whole damn killer economy shit; then you are nothing more than a victim of US anti-Black propaganda, and I’m on some Fuck You shit.

If you don’t want to jump in and find out how you can improve the Black Condition in your own way, then just shut the fuck up, work, consume and die; but don’t go around saying false shit about Black people that you have been programed to say by the White media. Just STFU.

I know shit is fucked up, but this is War, this requires a Revolutionary response, and we don’t need no damn idiots and their Reactionary Reactions dragging us even further down.

If you won’t help your people, don’t fucking harm them either, just sit your ass on the sidelines and Shut the Fuck up.