On Black Violence…

Violence (& crime) in Black communities is rooted in Economics, so to reduce or reverse the violence in the community the grater economic system must be reduced or reversed.

Anyone who is in our communities claiming to do anti-violence work but lack any anti-capitalism components in their agenda are not seeking to reduce or end violence, they will only morph the form of violence at best.

They will work to turn gang-bangers into soldiers for the US military, they will work to turn those engaged in the violent underground economy towards the violent (& omnicidal) official US economy, they will seek to help Blacks avoid a traumatic and violent death and move them towards chronic disease, and a premature death that comes to the Black Human Resources within this economic system.

Those who seek to end the violence of those at the bottom of the US economic strata without fundamentally transforming the over all economic system are not freeing those they seek to “help,” they are Pacifying them.

Pacification means ending the violence without transforming the conditions and systems that provoke the violence.

These Black Pacifiers come with government grants, official titles, and other charms to seduce the Black community to follow them into ongoing servitude to the dominate Race and Economic System.

They don’t even seek to truly pacify us completely and end the violence overall, they only want the contain the violence within the Black community, and prevent the violence from being fully organized and politicized. Black dysfunction is too profitable to be fully eradicated, and the Black Pacifiers and their White funders know this.

If you think Black youth killing to protect their local drug trade is worse than Black youth killing to support the White Global Empire, they you are an enemy to the Black community. If you think the low level crime of petty Black criminals is more damaging than the White Collar crime of the White Elite, they are are fully indoctrinated, and thus a liability to the Black community.

Until we put this violence in the proper perspective, and devise and implement Revolutionary solutions, we will continue to suffer from epidemic violence within Black communities and genocidal incarceration rates.

As Black violence is economically based, White violence is culturally based, so there is no economic solution to White violence, Whites hold the majority of the planet’s wealth and it has only increased their drive towards violence.

White violence is global, they murder entire nations, not just rival gang members and bystanders. We lament homicide rates of the hood when they reach the triple digits, but the White Elites kill millions every year. Unlike the Black community, the Whites with the most money, education, and power cause and profit from the most violence, whereas the Black poor and underclasses commit the majority of the violent crimes.

In order to reduce or reverse White violence they must fundamentally change their culture, they have to develop a whole new mentality and personality for their people; I don’t even know if that’s possible.

So we must understand that we are not equal to Whites (and we need to stop fucking marching for equality!), and White violence is much different (in its motivations and outcomes) than Black violence, and that there are no solutions to Black violence coming from White institutions or White funding, or from New Negros who try to “stop the violence” through integrationism.

Please remember this as South Chicago enters the “killing season.”

Another Note:
I think I need to press this point: When I say violence in the Black community is economically based, that don’t mean we need “jobs,” or even “more money,” we need a whole different economic system! We need a whole different way of relating to each other and our environment in economic terms! More or less money is not the issue, the economy is so much more than Fiat currency! We need to accumulate Pan-African social and cultural capital!

So please don’t twist my point by saying that I either want “Mo’ Money,” or that I think we should embrace poverty, that’s not the point. Think bigger, think beyond your oppressor’s toxic and collapse prone economic system.