On Systematic Genocide in the US…

The US is just as capable and better positioned to commit systematic extermination of racial/ethnic/religions minorities within its borders as the Nazis were.

If we follow the history of Western Empires starting with the Romans and concluding with the current US Global Empire we will see that every Western Empire carried out genocide against its minority populations, without exception.

It blows my mind how many,… how most African people who live in the US conduct their lives oblivious to the ominous threat the US government poses to us. Yes, the government, not some random Rednecks in the backwoods, not some meth smoking Neo-Nazis, not the KKK, but agents and agencies of the US government.

The US has the capability, the track-record, and even the motive to go down the same path as the Nazis did, only the spark is lacking. The “Spark” for government sanctioned mass gathering, concentration, and even execution of Blacks or any other ethnic or racial minority could come in the form a full economic collapse, a nationwide ecological catastrophe, a terrorist attack blamed on the targeted minority group, the election of a charismatic leader who moves the society to greater more direct acts of genocide, or any other number of plausible scenarios.

I’m not sure why we think that the Majority population is any different than the Germans, or why we imagine that they are different from their ancestors who enthusiastically slaughtered the Native Americans and enslaved our ancestors. Do we think technological advancement makes them different, do we think they are different because we used legislation to force White racist to hide their hostility towards us. Don’t we know that covering up a malignant disease isn’t a cure, that such diseases only fester, and grow when they are covered up, and will eventually exploded with more ferocity than before?

Do you think the emergence of Rich Black celebrities, business tycoons, or a Black president makes us more secure? How so?

The Black Elite make us more vulnerable because they increase the hostility of the average White racist, while decreasing the awareness and economic cohesion of the Black population. The Black Elite have proven themselves to be liabilities to the Black community more often than not, the Black Elite opposed everyone from Garvey to the Panthers, and they’ve yet to organize or support Black Liberation in this era.

As for Good Whites, they will act just like the Good Germans did; they will shake their heads in disapproval as they close their curtains and their minds to the slaughter.

Good Whites, and we Black Citizens of the Empire have ignored or even supported Government slaughter all over the world, so why do we think there will be opposition when that slaughter finally “comes home to roost?”

We sat by and watched:

1. The Government finance and support the mass Slaughter of Palestinians.
2. The Government slaughtered over 2million Iraqis and contaminated their soil with Depleted uranium.
3. The Government and Multi-National Corporations facilitate the slaughter of over 6million Congolese in order to secure their mineral wealth at below market rates.
4. The mass incarceration of poor and disenfranchised Blacks by the millions.
5. The pollution and destabilization of every single ecosystem on the face of the earth.
6. The ongoing rape and suppression of Haiti through direct military attack and even biochemical warfare.
7. The total subversion of the South African Revolution.
8. The ongoing suppression and extermination of the Native inhabitants of both North and South America.
9. The cutting down of the Amazon rainforest for nothing more than a boost in short term profits.

The list goes on and on, but we sit buy because this Omnicidal System keeps us saturated with cheap consumer goods, and an abundance of media entertainment (distractions). It is tragic how cheaply we’ve sold our basic human dignity and our children’s future, truly tragic.

If you knew how genocidal the Government has been on the international stage you wouldn’t be dumb enough to think that your citizenship status will protect you…or maybe you are, I don’t know.

I often feel the best I can do is get the word out, and then withdraw to my meager efforts to address Global Omnicide. I fear that not enough people will wake up, and take action before all this shit is fully irreversible.

PS: No God is coming to save or rapture you or your children, if you don’t believe me, just ask the Christians in the Congo, South Sudan, in Haiti, and through history who looked to the sky for help as a boot applied more pressure to their throats. Don’t forget, most often the killers pray to the same gods as their victims, and Gods tend to answer the prayers of those with the guns over those in front of the gun barrels.

Note: I’m not advocating violence, I’m advocating intelligent, practical, systematic, and collective action to secure ourselves on community, regional, national, and global levels. We have all the the skills and resources needed to to this, and rescue the ecosystems, we just need to properly allocate our focus, time, talent, and resources.