What are your thoughts on Bill Gates? Quite a few people aspire to be him, some even idolize him. How exactly does a man eventually make over one thousand dollars every few seconds and over twenty million dollars each day? The wealthy say that they work hard, and make sacrifices, some of them even come from a poor background.

The funny thing about the stupid asses who aspire to be Bill Gates is that they don’t realize that Bill Gates has used his wealth to manipulate the tech industry, software policies and policing, and even education to prevent the rise of another Bill Gates (aside from his children), more or less.  LOL!

There would be no Bill Gates if not for Socialism. Public funds, resources, and research invented the computer, the internet, laid down the physical and social infrastructure for the mass manufacture of computers and the physical components of the world wide web, etc. 

Not to mention all of the public water that prevented Lil Bill from getting lead poisoning, or dysentery, the public fire and police who kept order in social environment, and public polices that protected his air quality and food quality for him to grow in the the billionaire he is today.

If Bill’s parents had to pay for all that it took to make Bill who he is today, there would be no Bill. 

Also, the externalities: if his MicroSoft had to colonized or subdue the lands where his shit is constructed in sweatshops, prisons, or tech mills in the third word; he wouldn’t be a billionaire, if the publicly funded court system that he used to protect his patents and attack his rivals was not there he wouldn’t even be a thousandaire.  If Bill had to foot the bill or all of the tech-waste and pollution it took to make him all that money, instead of forcing the general public to deal with all of that waste and pollution he got rich off of, he would have a negative net worth.

Hell, just policing his own damn copywrites and patents would have broke his ass, if not for the public policing system which is a Socialist Construct paid for by the general public.  Can you imagine Bill having to hire his own goons and going door to door asking people to stop pirating his software?  Hell his own goons would rob and kill him before he could knock on the first door, if not for the public courts and public prisons.  LOL.

So, Bill and the rest of the hyper-rich are Socialist, only us indoctrinated masses go along with that Capitalism BS of dog eat dog competition and individualism.  Revolutionary Economist like Richard Wolff have been breaking this shit down for decades, but yall don’t hear them though.  Hell, Marx broke all this shit down more than a century ago; and we’ve allowed him to be turned into a punchline or a demon, depending on your particular indoctrination. 

Yall even attack people like me who promote Socialism for all instead of just Socialism for the rich.  Here we have Clinton, a woman who’s worth like half a fucking billion dollars telling us who ain’t got shit that free healthcare is unrealistic, and she’s still in the running; that’s how fucking stupid we are.

So I don’t really think about the Bill Gates of the world that much, I think about the people in my own Hood, in my community, in my Race who refuse to wake the fuck up, they are the ones who really perplex me, not the Bills of the world, they are actually simple and predictable.

The US has been engage in a one-sided Class War since before it’s inception; but I’m still working to wake people up to the one-sided Race War being waged on Black folks first, or at least at the same time; and I’m failing, so what the hell can I say about Bill?  LOL. SMH.  (Laughing to keep from crying.)

One thing I will say though, watch the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation very, very closely if you want to understand the trajectory of the larger society.