Do you believe that the relationship among Africans & African Americans have gotten better or worst within the last ten years? Why?

There are certain aspects of the relationship that have improved, other aspects that have eroded, and other aspects that have stagnated.

Africans in America are increasingly connecting to Africa culturally, and travaling there more and more, even using genetic technology to identify their specific African ancestry.  I never go to a Black gathering in the US were there are not dozens if not hundreds of Black people born in the US who have African names, African clothing, African religions, and deep African pride.  So Africans in the US are deepening their cultural ties to our home.

On the flip, Africans are also embracing what’s mistakenly called African-American Culture, what it truly should be called is African Diasporian Culture.  The problem with this is that our culture has been appropriated by the Oppressor in order to generate profit from it and prevent it from Revolutionizing our population like it did in the 50s and 60s; so much of is highly contaminated and toxic, from the SHit Hop, Hip Pop, to Gangstaism.  Africans don’t purge these toxic elements from the ADC (African Diasporian Culture) before they begin to practice or mimic it.  That’s the problem.  But there are many Africans who embrace the purer form of ADC, from Revolutionary Hip Hop, to Black Militancy from the 60s, to the Pan-Africanism from the Caribbean and the US.

Where things have eroded is in our Political, Economic, and Military connections.  In the Revolutionary era of the 50s and 60s we had the Decolonization Struggle in Africa and the Black Liberation Struggle in the US; we were starting to have high levels of coordination between the two, Decolonization leaders were working with Black Militant Leaders in the US.  The COINTELPRO program and the CIA worked hard to break these ties and we’ve yet to rebuild those ties.  The little economic and political coordination that now takes place is now done between the Negro, Sell-Out Elites from both regions; they only work to help their White Masters Oppress Africans and the Africans Diaspora.  That’s were we have lost the most ground.

The Africans who connect culturally to African, and love to travel to African to learn, and be tourist need to move into Political, Econmic, and Military organizing now, or they simply engaged in Cultural Masturbation.  Africans need to revive the anti-colonial and African Unification struggles and give us something to feed our energy and resouces into. 

Where we have stagnated is in our overall quest of Repatriation and Reparations.  There is still an undercurrent for both, but they are no longer considered mainstream efforts for either. 

[I’m sorry for the attenuated response, I’m trying to condense my answers, but I gets questions in which the full answer could fill volumes of text.  I hope I at the very least directed you towards a complete answer.  Thanks for reaching out.]