Don’t Blame Barkley.

I watched a recent interview of Charles Barkley, and heard him disgrace and disrespect the Black community yet again.

At this point I can’t even get mad at him because I asked myself: Why the fuck is anyone asking Barkley about anything? Really, why? When there’s a tragedy affecting White people, when they have an issue of concern, do they run out and ask the opinion of retired White Basketball players? When has a White Basketball play been asked to comment on the state and behavior of the entire White race in the media? Is Barkley a scholar, a historian, a social scientist, a political scientist, a Race expert, why is his position on anything (besides basketball) relevant to the White media?

I think Barkley is just an ignorant tool of the White media, that’s obvious, if it wasn’t him it would be some other inarticulate New Negro saying about Black people on White media what they wanna hear about about us. So it’s a bigger issue than Barkley. We should still Expose, Isolate, and Expel that New Negros from the Global African Community, but on top of that we have to still understand that it’s bigger than him and we have to go way beyond Barkley and the other New Negro puppets our oppressors like to parade out.