STFU about Black-on-Black Violence….

I’m sick of repeating this, but I guess if folks don’t get tired of
saying ignorant, self-rejecting, and self-hating shit, I guess I can’t
give up on calling out their shit.

Now, I’m submitting a Black Bill to be voted into a Black Law.  I’m gonna call that Black Bill BB-0001.  

The Law States:  Until you have given up on, separated from, and
publicly denounced The US government, US multinational corporations, and
the elites of all Races and ethnic groups especially Europeans, Asians,
and Arabs (who are Europeans who dun forgot they is White); you may not
publicly degrade, denounce, or reject Black people for Black-on-Black

The US government, multinational corporations, and
the global elites are the most violent entities on the face of the
earth, they not only kill the most people, they destroy ecosystems, and
they create the conditions that drive the individual and lateral
violence between the poor and working-classes.  

So if you are
“done with Black people,” because “we killing each otha,” then your New
Negro ass had better been done with America long before that, been done
with shopping at all these corporate stores, done with working at your
government or corporate job, done with even participating in the US
economy, because all this money in this economy is blood money.

If you haven’t denounced the government, corporations, the military,
the global elites, and rejected all money; then you ain’t rejecting
Black people behind violence, you are rejecting your own people because
you have accepted the anti-African indoctrination your Masters have
subjected you to; and your punk-ass is just using Black-on-Black
violence as an excuse.  

So wake the fuck up or stop spreading your self-hate in public places and open forums.  

You need to shut the fuck up about Black-on-Black violence until you constantly speak up on the Global Violence of Capitalism and
Corporatism, and Imperlism.