Civil-Lie-Zation & its Content(s)


Western culture’s adherents think engulfing Barbarism, Theft, Slavery, Ecocide, and Genocide in Legality, Pomp, and Formality makes them civilized.

“Civilized” people will sit by and allow all types of atrocities and the very destruction of the world’s ecosystems as long as there are laws, regulations, technological efficiencies, and a sterilizing distance between them and the crimes committed on their behalf.

Too many people are fooled by grand displays of false power and legitimacy. We keep voting for savages in tailored suits, and we keep allowing criminals to legislate and impose laws on humanity; not to mention how we allow those who do the least amount of (socially valuable) work to accumulate and hold the majority our wealth.

World Revolution is not some pipe-dream, it is a necessity if we want to preserve the planet’s ability to sustain life. The Government has no legitimacy aside from it’s monopoly on Violence; that by definition is Fascism, even if they allow you to vote for corporate sponsored politicians, you still live in a Fascist State. We need to begin our Rebellion today, in our minds, in our homes, in our communities, in this nation, and across the world, or we face extinction.

Stop selling-out our children’s future for some Fiat currency, mindless media entertainment, and cheap consumer goods from 3rd World Nations. Our lives are worth more than that, we are born for more than that.