Are you going to watch Spike Lee’s CHI-RAQ?


I sho ain’t putting up no money to see it.

I have no problem with the movie on the surface; I’m all for artistic expression and freedom of speech.  I think Spike should be able to make any kinda movie about any topic he wishes. 

I also think his critics have the right to express their views about his movies; and challenge the sexism, anti-Blackism, and distortions in his films.  I think dialogue, discourse, debate, and even bickering and arguing are all healthy within a community, a movement, or a society.

A little conflict and discomfort is good for getting things stirred up and moving forward (or backwards, but it’s a risk we have to take cuz stagnation is death for any struggle).

My issue with Spike emerged when his ass started talking that “self-inflicted genocide” bullshit.  That’s when Spike exited the artistic arena and entered that political, historical, and Pan-African area, and there are different standards for speaking on the core issues afflicting Africans across the globe and expressing yourself and your vision artistically in a fictional movie. 

Spike graduated from being a Black artist to being an Anti-African Propagandist at that point.

When you dealing with the fate of the African Race you better know what the fuck you talking about, you better come correct, and you better check the forum in which you address our deep seeded issues. 

I didn’t say shit about Spike until I read and later saw him talking about “self-inflicted genocide.”  He was literally sitting sandwiched between two White-haired, White men blaming Africans for the genocide we are being subjected to!  Can you imagine if Spike suggested that Jews were to blame for their own Genocide? 

Spike jumped in the Treasonous New Negro Box with Barkley, Cosby, and all the other self-hating traitors who spit on the suffering of our ancestors and the suffering of our people today.  He’s talking above his own education and regurgitating White Racist Propaganda against Black people, just like all other New Negros.

I guess the Western Media needed a new Black Puppet to promote the lie that Blacks are to blame for their own oppression since Cosby is no longer available for the job and Charles Barkley is not articulate enough to be taken seriously; so Spike jumped up and yelled “I’s redy Boss!”

I suspect he’ll finally get that Oscar he’s been chasing for more that 30 years, if he keeps up with the “self-inflected genocide” talk, mocking our people’s plight, and continues to sit on the lap of White Liberals like Father Pfleger and Anderson Cooper.