Are you anti-homosexuality or pro-homosexuality? Please don’t drive this into the gray area. It’s one or the other.

Damn, since you forced me into a strict pro or anti position, then I’d have to go with pro-homosexuality.  

Now, even though you posed this question and restrictive parameters for answering the question, anonymously I know that your are a straight male.

I know you a straight dude because I’ve never, not even once in my life ever had a homosexual ask me about my views on their sexuality, not even one time; I don’t think they give a shit about what I think about their sex.  Which is fair because I could give two shits about what a gay dude thinks about my sexuality, who I have sex with, and how we go about having that sex; so why would I expect them to give a shit about what I think about their sex…., unless it’s lesbians, of course; straight men tend to love lesbians (if key-word search data can be believed).  LOL! (I’m gonna regret that last part.)  But it’s cool to admit that, you only pro-gay if you support lesbians having sex for their own pleasure, if it’s two chick getting it on for the entertainment of male spectators (like in porn, or in the strip club) then that gets an Anti-gay Exemption. See; I know the Man Code. LOL! 

We heterosexual (men) spend so much time on homosexuality, discussing it, debating it, avoiding it, trying to sniff it out when it’s hidden, and bury it when it’s revealed, etc.  But maybe, gay dudes do the same with heterosexuality in their circles, I’ve never been in those circles, so I don’t know. Maybe a gay dude will inform me if they are hung up on what we heterosexual men do with the ladies, like we are hung up on what they do with each other.  Wouldn’t it be funny if there was like, a gay version of Dr. Umar Johnson who told gay men that there’s a conspiracy to turn them straight, and swindled…., I mean; raised money from them to protect them from the Mascualization of Black (gay) men; that would be some funny shit.  Ha ha, a Gay Umar.  

But I can’t mock the Umars of the world, I was a Black Puritan, even long after I rejected my Christian upbringing; I saw gay dudes as an existential  threat to my own manhood, and to the viability of the African RACE!!!  So I understand dude; but once I could no longer rest on irrational fears and indoctrination, I had to find some data, or at least some convincing arguments to sustain my anti-homosexual stance, and I’ve failed to; but I’m still looking, cuz I hate being excluded from the Manly Man club.  My lack of interest in ball chasing (which is what I call sports) already had me on probation, and I got kicked out after I simply asked: “WTF we sweating the homos for?”

I know theories and arguments about homoseuality being anti-African, or never existing in Africa before the White man.  I know about the drive to put powerful black men in dresses in Hollowood, this dates way back to chattel slavery actually, and it goes beyond Hollywood.  I see that they work to purge masculinity from public life, our the version of masculinity we’ve all come to embrace and feel most comfortable with.  I’ve read, and even greatly admire Mwalimu Baruti.  I’ve even read, but don’t admire Dr. Umar; and watched way more videos than I care to admit.  Hell, I’ve read and watched The Irritated Genie, too.  But I don’t agree with them simply because their arguments don’t stand up to critical deeper penetration….(pun intended). (Man, I’m gonna regret that too.) When they are correct, their solutions are not viable.  Hell, I’ve even research the endocrine disrupting chemicals that fuck with our glands and hormonal outputs during fetal development, and in developing children; which can cause gender dysphoria and other issues; (but I don’t see how that’s gay folks fault, unless gay folks are Capitalist Industrialist releasing these toxic compounds in our our environment).  So, if they born gay, made gay by watching Empire, or victims of industrial pollution; I don’t see where gays are a threat to the Race, the Liberation Struggle, or the manhood of manly men. Even if you’ve concluded that it’s a treat; how does it even rank in the top 10 of threats, or to 50 of threats facing the Global African population in 2016?

Anyway, I doubt that you’ve made it this far since I’ve confirmed your suspicion about my pro-homosexuality stance.  Now, if you had allowed for some nuance, or extrapolation, or explanation in my answer, I think it would have allowed for a more interesting post, but I think all you need or wanted was a confirmation of my pro-gayness, and you gonna run with that like all of the other Black Puritans out there calling me gay, pro-homo, a punk, and other shit.  

Anyway, I would have loved to have gone deeper (no pun intended) into the issue, because I think we all need better analysis and clarity on Homosexuality, the Gay Rights Movement, and the Effeminizaiton of Black Men.  Most people dealing with these issues are out to exploit our revulsion and fear for their own individual advancement, instead of reaching rational and constructive understandings and solutions for the Black community.  

Oh, and one more thing, I’m not a lost pro-gay cause; if you can provide me with evidence that gays are a threat to our Race then I’ll lump them in with the Ecocidal Capitalist, the White Nationalist, the Imperialist, the Religious Zealots, the Pedophiles, the Misogynist, the Rapist, the Integrationist, the Central Bankers, the Zionist, Fascist Police, the Treasonous Uncle Toms; and all other threats to Pan-African Interest and struggle against them too.  You just gotta come better than: “homosexuality is un-African;” or baseless rhetoric.  Oh, and it a TV show can “turn you gay,” then you was gay before that TV show.  IJS; there are many reasons to hate Empire, you don’t need that one.  LOL!

Alright, I’m logging off for a while, ducking the #UmarHive.  For such a manly man, Umar sure has a lot of male groupies. Catch you later….