I am still in the middle of reading The Iceman Inheritance, but I have some questions I’d like to ask as well as knowing what, if any, criticisms you have of the text. 1. Bradley states the African and the Asians succumbed to Europeans because of “advanced technology” the Europeans had. What technology is he speaking of? Also, he states that the Black Africans enslaved the Capoids, or South Africans much like we were enslaved. What do you know about this period in African history?

Bradley stated that “White Aggression” is the sole cause of their expansion and domination over all other Races. He also stated that Whites had no higher level of civilization, intellect, culture, or ideology, that gave them advantage over non-Whites, it was their aggression.  

So, if you are concluding that he’s stated that White tech is why we succumbed you may be taking him out of context. He could be referring to a particular war of battle, but not to the overall conquest of the Darker Races. 

We also know that the West didn’t necessarily have higher tech, just weaponize tech, they got gun powder from Asia; they got the very basis of culture and civilization from Africa by way of their Greek and Roman forefathers, so if tech was the deciding factor Europe would have been overrun long before it was ever called Europe. 

It’s been a while since I read the text so if you could share the specific passage you are referring too I can give you a more detailed response. 

As far as Slavery, we know damn well that the Chattel Slavery the West imposed on Africans had no comparison to the “Slavery” that existed on the continent prior to Arab and Western invasions and colonization.  Even White colonizers/historians stated that African Slaves were “slaves in name only,” because other than that title, their existence didn’t in any way resemble the life of slaves in White nations and White culture.  Also, African economic would did not necessitate or even allow for such systems of bondage and forced labor; Do we even need to get into that again. Again, if you can send me the specific pages or wording, I can offer you a better response.

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