What are your thoughts on the Olympics? I know this question might seem a bit random, but I was thinking aint it a bit odd that all of these nations that have nothing to do with greek or european culture come together around some greek cultural shit? Wtf is up with that? I know folk make it seem like all the nations come together in the spirit of games entertainment and unity but I think the Olympics has much to do with white supremacy.

You are correct, the Olympics is all about White Nationalism, and has been a political football for the Imperial nations and the ideology of White Genetic Superiority.  Even though Black athletes have shattered much of the pseudoscience of the Ubermensch time and time again, unfortunately facts and evidence don’t sway pseudoscience especially when it’s married to Nationalism and Racism.

It annoys me to see great Black athletes under the flag of Jamaica or the USA competing so hard against African nations to bring glory to these colonial settler states founded on Black oppression and exploitation of Black wealth and resources.  (Here’s a recent write up I did on the Dream Team of the USA that sums up the problem with the Olympics and it’s politics:  http://diallokenyatta.tumblr.com/post/104493193776/if-you-understand-the-connection-between-sports)

I’ve always fantasized bout the Pan-African Games that only include African Nations with the full acceptance and participation of members of the Global African Diaspora.  That all of the facilities and equipment, media and promotion was constructed and owned by African people.  There’s not reason with all of the great African Athletic and promotional talent around the globe that we don’t have such events going on yearly. 

But we like the consciousness and will and we are too comfortable working and performing under the banner and control of other Races and Nations.

I think sports are a very important aspect of any society, they have their place, and we need to take control of our athletic culture and stop grooming mindless Ball-Chasers and apolitical athletes and start to groom world-class Pan-African Athletes who put these issues and the larger issue of African Liberation and Excellence to the forefront.