To All the (Black) Greeks in the House!!

With all these Lettered Black folks running around getting degrees at every institution of higher learning White folks will allow us into, and getting degrees in every major White folks are willing to award us…

Why the Blud-Clot don’t we have Khmetic Fraternities and Sororities?

Seriously, I can understand not doing that shit in the Reconstruction Era, during the Jim crow era, or even in the mist of the Civil Rights era, we had much bigger fish to fry; and we was lucky to complete the college application process without getting lynched or ran outta town. So I get it, I fully sympathize with our college and university bound ancestors.

But what’s the excuse today, and don’t give me that bullshit about them damn Nefertiti Queen heads, or the Pyramids over top them Greek Letters, as acknowledging, respecting, or Blackifying Greekdom. It don’t make Greek Organizations less Greek, it just further contaminates and degrades the Khemites and Africans in generals.

It ain’t no reason in the world with all of the money, skills, and social mobility these Lettered Black folks got that they ain’t done what should have been done over a century ago.

Blacks pledging Greek ain’t no better than us eating Chitterlings and pretending like it’s some grand Black transition. We should know better than that by now!

The even bigger tragedy is: Whites have Greek Letter Organizations in their institutions of Higher Learning because they view the Greeks as the launch point of Western Civilization, of High Culture, of Science, of Human…not White but all Human High Culture. That’s why they have Greek and not Nordic, Irish, Aryan, British Letter Organizations, they are attempting to reconnect to the foundations of their culture and intellect.

Now we know, thanks to the research of Cheik Anta Diop, Dr.Yosef Ben-Jochannan, and even White dudes like Gerald Massey; that the Greek foundations of human civilization, high culture, high science, and philosophy is a muthafuckin lie that bubbled up from Hell’s septic tank! So why we still playing along.

Hell, if you don’t like the Khemites, and you wanna bring it to the West of African we could have Dogon Frats and Sororities, hell even Twa Organizations! All our shit predates the Greeks and all of them cultures have made more valuable contributions to human development than the Greeks who were little more than brutish thieves they damn selves.

Even if yall don’t wanna betray your Oaths, because Steve Cokely schooled us on how serious you Black folks take your Oaths to White institutions, why not set our youth on the right path.

You can use the skills and resources gained from your Greek Letter Organizations to set future generations on the right path, set them up to honor and carry on the legacy of the true founders of Civilization, Philosophy, and Science.

Why the hell yall be pushing you babies towards the Greeks, you know what the fuck the Greeks do/did with children!

So please, lets set this shit right, even if we can’t liberate the world from White Domination just yet, we could free your minds of their domination today, we could take em down a peg by not validating this particular area of their Bullshit.

What say you Black Greeks?