It seems as though everyone enjoyed the activity, but for some reason I have this unsettling sickness in the pit of my stomach. I just don’t see how they could clump all oppressions together. “Black” was on the list which is obviously where I chose, there was also “queer, undocumented, woman, jewish, atheist, unemployed, etc.” I don’t want to get into an oppression competition but I honestly don’t see how most of those can compare to blacks oppression. Am I wrong for thinking this?

“Blacks are Oppressed, Whites are Exploited.” – Kwame Ture

Oppression comes from outside your culture, and requires you to overthrow, destroy, or oust the alien/foreign culture (from your land/mind) to be free.  The Oppressed must go to war with all elements within system that Oppresses them.  There can be no compromise or reform; only Revolution can address and eliminate Oppression.

Exploitation comes from within the culture, when people of the same culture take advantage of each other.  Exploitation can be address from within without destroying the culture, or even destroying the systems within the culture.  The exploited members of the culture can work within the culture (because it’s their culture) to improve their standing within the culture.  Exploitation can be addressed through compromise and reform.