Your God is Disappointed in You.

If you religious people really had just gods, who made the world for you to have dominion over, I’m sure that god would be disappointed as fuck in all of you.

How god give you this magnificent world to preside over and yall allow a few greedy, manipulative, corrupt human parasites to take it over, and rape it for short term profits?

Shit, my momma (who made me) would beat my ass if I allowed someone to take a piece of candy from me or my baby brother without putting up a fight, so just imagine what your god thinks of you losing the whole damn planet without putting up a fight.

Yall think god gon overlook yall punking-out to the Elite because yall do all that hemming and hawing? Yall think yall can blame Dee Devil, and talk that shit to excuse your own complicity and submission to the Elite?

Your god may be vengeful and jealous, but the bible never said he was stupid. You know damn well the people you submit to, who govern and rape your world are just that…People, not the devil.

Yall could shut this whole shit down, and carry out the mandates that God, his prophets, Jesus, and Mohammad have given yall if yall were not so lazy, cowardly, and delusional. If the children of god started really being godly, then the whole system would flip overnight, if just 10% of yall held true to your doctrines this world would be totally different.

That’s why I, in all my Atheist Mediocrity can laugh at you in all your Heavenly Glory because; I, a man of flesh, with no supernatural sanction or support am willing to fight to liberate what god gave you, while you have the support of a mighty Gawd!!! and bow to corrupt men.

You religious/spiritual believers need to prove to yall damn selves that “your god is real,” because only then will yall even come close to convenience the rest of us.