Coming Soon: The Kool-Aid Party

You Obamites (Uncritical Obama Supporters) have just over 2 years to figure out how yall gon justify criticizing the next Republican president for doing the exact same shit yall support Obama in doing.

Yall can go the White Political Hypocrite Route, and just openly ignore the hypocrisy; like how they cry about the loss of liberty under Obama, and ignored the loss of liberty under Bush.

Just copy their Tea Party methodology and form a Kool-Aid Party when the Republicans retake the White House and the Senate.

But I advise yall not to imitate the Tea Party too much and show up to rallies and marches with your guns out to protest Republican policies that yall ignored when Democrats were enforcing those same policies. Remember, as much as yall wanna be equal to and integrated with Whites, yall ain’t quite there yet.