On School Closings…

Stop complaining about school closings, apply radical analysis to the forces in play here. This a a capitalist society; education is not about the enrichment of the youth, it is about training obedient and passive workers for the elite. As a result of the mechanization and off-shoring of industry; the Elite don’t need your babies anymore, the vast majority of them are now deemed Useless eaters and therefore, there is not reason to invest in their schooling (mandated indoctrination), their proper nourishment, or their future. This system has written off 80% of the population; so more schools will be closed and the remaining will be privatized to generate more corporate profit; form privatized charter schools to privatized prisons, that is the path.

Here are your choices:
1. Scramble like hell to get your children in a position of the few who will still provide services to the Elites. Train them to become a member of that 20% who will police, guard, kill, prosecute, and spy for the state; or those who will be cogs in the Omnicidal Corporate Machine, those who will assist the Elite in raping the few remaining resources of the world for meager/substantial wages. To do this you will have to make sure your child embraces their corporate indoctrination, that they become rabid individualist who have no empathy for the suffering that will directly/indirectly cause other, that they are satisfied with trading the opportunity to consume mass produced junk in exchange for being fully developed human-beings.

2. Groom and equip the youth for Revolutionary Rebellion. Teach them to value what nature provides over what corporations manufacture. Teach them that the government is illegitimate and that the only just power is that which arises from the united people.

We need to gain control of the public resources, our resources, and use them to restructure our communities. We need to educated the children to be free, not Human Resources.