Historical Villains and the African Historical Context.

Negros screaming about Hitler and the Nazis being the worst thing to
ever manifest on earth is a testament of how ignorant we are of history.

I’ve never heard Ashkenazi Jews say that King Leopold II was the most evil man ever. Hell, even when they talk about the crimes of the Germans they never mention what they did in Namibia to the Herero people.

I ain’t saying that the Nazis and Hitler ain’t as evil, and genocidal
as history paints them, but from an African Historical point
of view, the Nazis were not the first or the worst mass killers,
colonizers, and White Supremacist we and our ancestors had to deal with.

People need to come up off that “We Sick Boss” shit, and begin to view
and judge history from their own cultural context; just like every one
else.  Damn.