The Racist Government Giveth & the Racist Government Taketh Away.

What now Integrationist, do we get out in front of them water hoses and police dogs again, (but under Obama it will be water-boarding and drones)? Do we pray harder than they prayed 50 years or so ago? Do we march till our feet are raw? Do we appeal to the Good Whites to once again dictate to us,…I’m sorry I mean help us outta this mess?

Do we further isolate from each other, and join the Darwinist, Winner-Take-All drag race for the limited resource and positions that the dominate White system has available for Token Blacks? Do we continue to blame the under resourced, under educated, under serviced, and over oppressed Black (impoverished) masses for the overall downfall of the Race, instead of the conscious and deliberate Racist attacks from the White Elite?

What’s the Move Integrationist?

Integrationist have taken charge of Black Politics and Economics since yall cooperated with the Government in taking down the Black Nationalist in the 50s and 60s. Even though you New Negros have been in charged and in control of what little resources that come into the Black community, we have declined under your Integrationist Leadership…..but we poor Black masses are to blame, it’s the sagging pants we wear, and the broken English we speak, not your corrupt leadership.

So what now Integrationist?

What are yall gonna do to get more Black children in seats next to White children, because that’s the only way yall seem to think Black children can be properly educated, how yall gon do dat now?

I’ll give yall a day or two to hash out a plan. Get ole Al Sharpton, Messy Jessy, the Congressional Black Caucus, all the Lettered and Titled Negros from all the Civil Rights Orgs, and oh don’t forget those intellectual midgets from the “Faith Community,” maybe even Obama and Holder will Skype in on the meeting, yall get together and tell us how yall intent to beg Whitey to change the law back, or give yall some new laws parade before the Black community

We’re waiting.