The Goverment Shut Down is a Corporatist Shakedown.

So, the government is shutting down. Hmmmm.

Does that mean that their will be no NSA wiretapping, are they gonna open the gates of the Federal Prisons and let all these non-violent offenders and political prisoners run free?

No more CIA assassinations and drug importations? No more FBI framing of innocent citizens, and they can’t harass and attempt to capture/kill Assata Shakur now, right?

All political exiles can return to the States and break bread with their People now because there government will not be there to continues its pursuit of them, right?

What abut the 200+ military bases all over the planet enforcing the will of the corporate elite, they shuttin that shit down too? No more targeted killing of foreign nationals, no more drones in the sky…right?

How about the embargo against Cuba, they gonna shut that down, and Guantanamo Bay, are they gonna stop paying the torturers down there?

Jet fuel for Air Force One, who’s gonna pay for that? Gas for all the limos and Black Suburbans that elected officials like to ride around in, is that not gonna be purchased?

Will the government still be collecting taxes, putting liens on property, imposing imminent domain on citizens?

No more US funds going to Zionist…right…all that shit is shutting down, right?

Hell naw!

There is no government shutdown, it’s a government restructuring, it is a further entrenchment of the Economic and Political, Military coup d’etats that took place in the post WWII era, which gave us the Military-industrial complex.

Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Corporatist, and Economic Elite are putting on a show for yall, to justify the reduction and denial of services to the citizens, while they continue to rape the public resources and wealth through methods laid out by Naomi Kline in her text: ’The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.’

The US is a White, First World Nation, so they can’t impose an IMF style SAP (Structural Adjustment Program) to gut public services and extract the wealth like they do in the 3rd world, so they have to do #WWEPolitics, and pretend that there are people in the government who still serve the public interest, but they just can’t manage to get past the The Tea Party politicians. LoL.

This is such a weak hustle it could be exposed and defeated in one election cycle, but the US public is so Politically Illiterate that they can’t see the game for what it is, and they keep voting for Ds and Rs thinking it might change things in their favor.
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There are alternatives People! Stop Wasting Your Votes, & Validating Your Oppression!
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