Brother Diallo, are Arabs white? I’ve gotten into discussions about this on the net, and people give varying answers. Another thing I want to ask is, are Arabs part of the western world? There was and some say still exist the Arab slave trade as brutal and perhaps more so than euro chattel slavery, their prophet Muhammad invented a male chauvinist murder cult, as the honorable teacher R.I.P. John Henrik Clarke called the world’s popular religions, and they were and still are hyper-aggressive.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright stated; “to see Arabs as anything other than White invaders is a pathological denial of history;“ and I agree with them.  As far as Africa and Africans are concerned, Arabs are White.

Arabs are part of the Western world, their behaviors and worldview are distinctly Western.  Turkey, a predominantly Islamic nation is a part of Europe. The Arab oligarchs are close allies to the European oligarchs, the Ottoman Empire  started and remained rooted in Europe.

We should think that; just because Whites and Arabs are beating the shit outta each other that they ain’t family.  White or Western Tribes have been slaughtering each other as far back as their history goes. 

The Arab Slave Trade is still going strong, as strong as the White Slave Trade, it’s an open secret.  The Whites in the US have transformed their Slave System into a System of Mass Incarceration, but it’s still Slavery according to the US Constitution.  Europeans have an intricate system of neocolonialism and debt bondage, and the Arabs have a less advanced systems of chattel enslavement, wage slavery, and debt bondage in North African and the Islamic nations. 

If you look at the Islamic nations, they establish the exact same Color Caste systems of oppression and slavery that their Christian brother do, if you look at Israel, you’ll find the same Color Caste Systems. 

Mass enslavement is central to Western Culture and Capitalism, dating by to Feudalism, and the Western Monarchies. 

Islam has been the engine of Arab Nationalism and Colonialism; it learned well from Judaism and Christianity; the other two Male Chauvinist Murder Cults to take root in the West. 

So Africans who embrace Islam are not different than those who embrace Christianity, or who run off to Israel; they are embracing the Gods and doctrines of their Oppressors.