Give them Back Their Guilt…

Black people think they are being fair when they accept any level of blame for Arab and European Enslavement of Africans, but they are not, they are just parroting historical myths and distortions. Europeans and Arabs have successfully diluted their crimes and tricked their victims into carrying the blame.

Give them back their guilt, and responsibility, and while you are at it give them back their alien religions and practices.

There is nothing new about abused and traumatized individuals taking the blame for their abuse upon themselves, we’ve come to call it the Battered Wife Syndrome, that along with the deep seeded Stockholm syndrome Africans have been inflicted with protects our Oppressors and prevents us from securing the unity we need to overcome Global White Domination.

We have to challenge those treasonous Black Servants of Global White Domination who admonish us to “stop blaming da White man,” and others who conspire against our interest.

We have enemies just like everyone else, and we have the right and obligation to identify and counter our enemies just like every other nation/race of people.

Don’t allow the Oppressor and their New Negro allies to disarm you ideologically or otherwise. Don’t allow them to guilt you into falsely condemning your ancestors, or ourselves for conditions not of our creation. Stay critical, keep studying, and embrace the truth.