I love when communists and fascists make memes about “centrists” because it’s always the same stupid message that if you don’t adhere to radicalism you just have no political opinions and never thought about anything in your life 

I love when centrists think they’re ever relevant in politics when all they do is take the worst policies and water it down a tiny bit

“Centrism” do you mean liberalism?

I mean i know it’s convention for you guys to put yourself in the center of the chart but it’s just a chart.

You do this shitty horseshoe theory crap as well: “UWU commies and nazis are the same because I don’t like or agree with either of them.”

I could also insist that communism is in the center and that your crap and fascism are the same because of their divergence from communal property.

Actually I did that once and a bunch of you liberals got mad about it and tried to make me “prove” that communism was centrist. I mean talk about missing the point.

You’re missing the point. OP’s post wasn’t meant to be centrist circlejerk or anything, it’s just funny how communists and fascists on this site bitch and moan about every person they don’t like being a “centrist” because those people tend to also disagree with their enemy.

Also, communism is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and Marx was just as much a dictator as Hitler was. That’s why the two get compared, because they’re both dictatorships. And although both are typically on different types of extremes, they’re in fact extremist.

That’s the point here. Extremists like to pretend EVERYONE who doesn’t like them must be some horrible “centrist” who never does anything, when in reality… most people rightfully hate communists and Nazis, no matter what political spectrum they’re on.

Just like you, right now, are calling everyone you don’t like a “liberal!”

“Marx was just as much a dictator as Hitler”

Honey… wow. Marx was um…

Marx never once held political power. He was an academic. He wrote books and never had a political position beyond organizing meet-ups between communists.

Yes, so-called “Communist” countries have been responsible for some shitty things, but funny enough those countries have very little to do with what Marx actually wrote or with any of his contemporary thinkers like Proudhon, Stirner, Kropotkin, Engels, or others.

The strain of communism these states rose from is Leninism and represents only one of many various communist ideologies. It might surprise you that anarcho-communists like myself (who have existed far longer than Leninists or even Lenin) ended up in the Gulag in the USSR because we complained about them running the country like capitalists do.

Because really Stalin’s worst crime is the imprisonment of political dissidents (like the US does) and artificial famine (like the UK carried out against India once every generation).

Which brings me to the next point. You know communism’s death toll, but what is the death toll behind capitalism?


And no, not everyone I dislike is a liberal.

I dislike right libertarians, conservatives, and ancaps as well.

I also fucking hate nazis, fascists, and reactionaries of all stripes.

Nationalism is between hate and dislike.

But also the initial opener was “UWU nazis and commies are the same” so I don’t know who you are trying to say that it’s us who misidentify opponents.

Capitalist Extremism and Capitalist Fundamentalism are the real problems.