smh. More men have come out saying Afrika Bambaataa sexually assaulted them. WTF! This guy is one of the founding fathers of hip hop. I mean I know some people always thought that he was “fruity” because of those flamboyant costumes he wore, but now he’s being accused of having molest little boys. What are your thoughts on this? A lot of contradictions and secrets unbelievable.

I personally believe his victims.  I think Bambaataa committed the crimes he’s being accused of, and that he should be investigated and have to stand trial.  I agree with Mr. Savage that the statute of limitations on Sex Crimes should be extended if not eliminated; because it can take decades before victims are able or willing to come forward.  

I will not be supporting him, or the Zulu Nation, until the Zulu Nation takes appropriate action on these cases.  I don’t think the Zulu Nation should have to carry the blame for Bambaataa’s alleged crimes, unless the ZN is shown to have used its power and influence to aid or cover up AB’s crimes and abuses.  If the ZN does the right thing I think they can come though this, but if not, the ZN should go down with AB if they are guilty.

I know child abuse is not the standard for the ZN, I’ve know many ZN members over the years, and many more who are associated or supportive of the movement and they are good women and men; but now they have to decide if they are gonna be on the side of justice when an internal injustice comes to the surface; but it seems like the ZN are circling the wagon around AB.  SMH.

I think any organization or individual who is serious about justice and liberation needs to give time and resources to this issue, hell, it’s not an issue, it’s a pandemic of sexual abuse of children, women, and even men (esp when you factor in prison Rape).

I remember when I moved to NYC way back in 1992 I’d always hear rumors about the sexual exploits and appetites of rappers and people in the industry, but I would dismiss them as street gossip.  SMH.  

Also, in Hip Hop when you are called out, you don’t “issue a statement” you come out swinging!  WTF?  How when you are dissed over trivial shit in Hip Hop you in the streets, you on wax, you are speaking up the same day; but a Hip Hop Icon wanna play this shit like a corrupt CEO, speak though lawyers, issue statements when accused of horrendous crimes?  Fuck outta here.