Is a pan african army which not only includes USA but the rest of the african diaspora nations like Haiti,Brazil,Colombia,Jamaica,Cuba etc…. possible ?

No, not at this juncture, but that’s OK, because it’s also not necessary.

We tend to want to get ahead of ourselves in this struggle; we think Revolution is about arming ourselves and hitting the streets; whether we arm ourselves with chants and picket signs, or with AKs and Molotov cocktails; but it takes so much more.

Revolution is a process, a scientific and systematic process; it is not an event.

Most armed and organized Black forces are tools of the Oppressors; that’s because Pan-Africanism lacks the ideological and structural foundations to organize and sustain a formal fighting force. 

Even smaller fighting and security forces tend to expend most of their energy and bullets targeting other Blacks and ignoring Whites; look at the US Organization, RBGangstas, the FOI (I know this will offend many, but show me where I’m wrong), the New Black Panther Party, or even the Maroons in the Caribbean; who went from fighting the enslavers to hunting other Africans for bounty paid to them by the enslavers.

Armies are nothing to play with, and if we cannot build resilient political and economic formations, we are not ready to build a Disaporian Army. 

That’s dosen’t mean that we can’t lay the foundation for such a force right now, however.  We can train, equip, and motivate ourselves to have a Pan-African Army, but we have to start from the ground up.  You need to focus more on self and community defense before you can approach national and global defense. 

We need different fighting forces, not public, uniformed, and know fighting forces; read Che, Mao, George Jackson, Robert Taber, and John Lee Anderson for a better understanding of what I’m getting at.