lmao you should look on son of baldwin’s facebook where he reposted your Sandra Bland manifesto. he’s dope and cosigned it but the comment sections is fuckin full of #NN saying shit like “but this wont do anything!! i need to keep buying nike U HYPOCRITE CAUSE U ALSO USE PRODUCT and capitalism” and also the usual crackers

It wasn’t really a manifesto, the I suggestions there really basic group actions that many other groups employ on a regular basis, even without atrocities being committed against them. The sad fact is, when you are dealing with a backwards people, one forward step seems Radical, or Impossible. 

I ignore the Whites, they are just spewing their own indoctrination.  Like they have time to be arguing about our issues while their own White Elites drive their dumb asses back to Peasanthood and Serfom.