I’m sorry if this question has been asked before also it may be a little rhetorical but I’m gone ask anyways. Why do we let the most inhumane people on the planet (white people for those who do not know) tell/teach the rest of the world how to be humane????

We don’t “let” the inhumane people tell/teach us anything, it ain’t about “let,” it’s all about coercion, deception, force, and indoctrination.

Also, the “most inhumane” don’t tell/teach humaneness, they just use flowery terms like humane, freedom, democracy, justice, etc; but what they really teach and their real intentions have nothing to do with any of those high minded concepts.  The only two concepts the apply is Conquest & Consumption.

During their Colonization of the non-White World Europeans kept words like civilizations, law, justice, peace, and even god on their lips and in their documents, but the European Colonization of the world was/is the most destructive and Omnicidal event since the giant meteor that exterminated the dinosaurs hit the planet, hell at this point European Global Domination and the Universal imposition of Western Culture and Psychology may prove more deadly than the meteor that took out the dinosaurs.  The earth and biodiversity recovered from the meteor, it’s likley that we will not bounce back from Global White Domination if we fail to dismantle it within the coming decades.

When Europeans colonized this land, exterminated over 90% of the Natives, and dragged my ancestors here to toil in bondage, while being subjecting us and the Natives to daily torture, mutilation, rape (of men, women, and children), disease causing conditions, subhuman food, clothing, and shelter; they kept saying they were being humane, just, godly, civil, law-abiding, etc.  They did this for centuries, and continue to, without any level of guilt, or remorse.  Instead of copping to their crimes they aggressively distort the history and current reality.

Today they enslave us through mass-incarceration, they subject us to foods and living conditions that give us chronic diseases and greatly shorten our lifespans, they allow the police to brutalize and terrorize our communities, while allowing the criminal element of our own race to sustain distrust and dysfunction in the Hood by refusing to end their actives, preventing us from organizing to deal with the internal criminal elements.
Then, they indoctrinate the masses of us to believe that we are the problem, that we have the thing called a “victim mentality;” which is utter bullshit! They deny us the vocabulary or even the standing to call this system out, and define our conditions.  It’s all fucked up Anon.

But one thing about all this shit you really need to understand; “LET” ain’t got shit to do with none of this shit.

The world has been fighting the Europeans and Western Culture from day one up to today.  There has always been resistance, and always will be. 

In this nation many Africans have been bribed with Integration and Assimilation, and cowered by the overwhelming firepower and brutality of our Oppressors, but the resistance lives on, and it will grow.

There are only three responses to the Omnicidal Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination: 1. Cooperation, 2. Passive Submission, or 3. Active Resistance. 

If you pick the 3rd option, you are still free to define what form your resistance will take, and you will find others who will share you values, and methods; link with them and get to work. 

If you chose one of the first two options, well…this whole response has been a waste of both of our times.