Black Cops: Allies, Assets, Infiltrators, or Enemies.

The Black cops know better than any other segment of the community how deep the crimes and abuses of the various Police Departments across the nation go. We need to hold this population to account. I’ve had a few personally recount the crimes of their White counterparts against our community; the crime that are not reported or protested.

Huey P. Newton and the The Black Panther Party stated that he and his organization fought to have the Oakland PD integrated so that those policing the community came from the community, they reflected the demographics of the community.

To Dr. Newton’s dismay, he found that the Black cops were fully loyal to the OPD and begin to behave no different than their Brothers in Blue. Dr. Newton had to personally remind Black cops who were harassing, threatening, and brutalizing Party members and the community in general that the BPP and the larger community are responsible for them getting their jobs on the OPD; but he couldn’t convince the Black cops to cross the thin blue line.

If we are going to truly work to reduced the atrocities and crimes of the PDs while we organize for Systemic and Fundamental transformation, it would be wise to begin to engage that population of Black cops and find out if their views and mentalities have changed since the era of the 1960s. Really, the function and mentality of the Black cop can be traced back much further, all the way back to the Slave Plantations.

The Black cops could potentially pbe our strongest allies in opposing police abuses, or they could be, as they have historically have been; allies of the Oppressors against their own people.

I propose we reach out and have this conversation with Black cops, behind closed doors, and among ourselves, then decide if where that stand and what they are willing to do. Hell we need to do this with all of the Black “Oath Takers” and Black professionals, find out if they will put their titles over their Heritage, their Institutional Agendas before the People Programs.

We need to organize on all front, identify all opportunities and liabilities; Revolution is a Scientific Process, not an event.