Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: The Lupita Craze. (I know yall gone hate me for this one, but I gotta say it.)

The White Elite saw that the Black community was embracing our African heritage and natural beauty, so they are trying to get out ahead of, direct, and profit from the movement while removing any Revolutionary potential from the Pro-African Natural reawakening.

Just like they did when the masses of Blacks started wearing Afros, Black Leather, and African symbols in the 60s and 70s; all of a sudden Hollywood had Sisters in Afros kicking ass all over the big screen, they had Bad Mofos in Black leather taking on Da Man in every movie house from Watts to Red Hook.

So instead of people thinking of Assata Shakur when they sported an Afro, they were thinking about Pam Grier, instead of thinking of Fred Hampton when they donned their leather jackets their minds went to Shaft.

Whites were the first people on the planet to weaponize propaganda, and they have mastered it.

We love to imagine that we are being entertained when we are actually being attacked.

There’s a larger agenda behind this Lubita craze, now they saying Nicki Minaj has gone natural.

They agenda is this: before a Revolutionary Sister can hit the mainstream to encourage Black women to be both natural and warriors for Pan-Afrianism, they will already have their watered down mascot for acceptable Black Beauty in place.

We should be hip to this shit by now.

(Note: We as a people, as a Race had better realize that Whites, the Western Culture is always in some stage of War, peace in the Western Mentality is just a time to prepare for War. There is nothing that is to ever be taken at face value. You don’t rule the world and survive after committing genocide on every populated landmass on the face of the earth without weaponizing every aspect of your culture, if you are blind to the attacks, or chose to not see them, they you are both an accomplice and a victim of this Omnicidal System.)

[Or, I could be wrong, and it just took White folks a bout 1400 years to realize how beautiful Black truly is and they are just trying to make up for lost time with Lupita. Yeah, that could be it.]