I’m No Longer an Atheist.

I’m done claiming that I’m an Atheist, cuz these Religious Negros
keep calling me Europcentric for rejecting the Gods/Doctrine/Whole-Lie
Books of Europeans, Arabs, and other non-Africans.  SMH.

I am a
DEvangelist, I seek to follow and spread the GodDispel of African
Humanity, Reason, Logic, and Common-Muthafuckin-Sense.

DEvangelist can freely worship any untainted African Goddesses, Gods,
African Ancestors, dignified animals, or sacred African objects of their

Some of the Patron ShAinTs (which is short of “This God ShitAintTrue”)
Carlos Cooks
Dr. John G. Jackson
Zora Neale Hurston
Dr.Yosef Ben-Jochannan
– Dr. Bobby E. Wright
Chinweizu Ibekwe
– Most other Revolutionary African Atheist; or any other Africans that
would be considered Heathen, Animist, Polytheist, Godless, or Demonic by
our enemies, invaders, and their religions.

The sole mandate of the DEvangelist is to put the interested and empowerment of Africans above all others.

The only sin within DEvangelism is to betray the interest of Africans,
or put the interest and agendas of others before our own.

Now, that’s all African, cuz I’m an African, and I invented that shit.

So don’t call me Eurocentric no mo!