The cop who killed Eric Garner got off clean. Even though the whole act of his death and the brutality of it was caught on camera…. I seriously don’t even know what to think.

First, you should embrace the outrage, and direct it.

This system is deeply dependent on suppressive and ongoing violence. 
The clothing you wear, the divide you are reading this response from, the land you dwell on, the energy you use to heat your home, the food you consume are all secured and sustained through intense and unyielding violence.

Most of that violence is distant and hidden, but from time to time it is express in such a way that we can’t ignore, or pretend that were separate from it. 

The dead, raped, and mutilate Congolese people, those who’ve had their bodies obliterated by Drone Bombers, those diseased and crippled children who work in 3rd World Sweat Shops are all as important as Eric Garner, and their deaths and injuries have the same source; the Systems and Institutions of White Domination. 

A fired or indicted cop, or a seriers of reforms, or Body Cams will do nothing to reduce the atrocities, only allow the masses to return to their slumber, to hold to their Serializing Distance that this system allows for we who dwell in the 1st World Nations. 

Instead of “I Can’t Breath,” I mediate on Eric’s statement of “This ends today!"  I think it’s a better rally cry. 

It’s bigger than Eric Garner, he was not the first and will not be the last, but the atrocity that cost him his live can be an event that moves us all closer to Liberation from this Omnicidal System that produces Homicidal Cops and Genocidal Armies.

Despair can motivate or paralyze.  I suggest that you find or found a Revolutionary Organization in your area, to begin to do an assessment of the assessment and immediate challenges and issues in your area, and organize from the bottom up to address them. 

Huey P. Newton stated that Black Radicals like him don’t make Revolutionaries, that they don’t inspire people to struggle against the System, he understood that the conditions and atrocities of the State and System are what Radicalized and Motivated people to rebel. 

You just have to understand that 1. Our oppositions is not some individual cop or PD, but a Global System that’s deeply dependent on turning us all into Human Resources and using violence to keep us in our respective places, 2. The only way to address this is to work to dismantle this system globally, and replace it with a System based on Justice and Cooperation over Competition, 3. You use you talents, interest, and resources to make a measurable change locally and globally, you just have to make the commitment and act, 4. The struggle is multi-generational, so even though you will see changer in your life time, that you are engaged in work that will be passed on to further generations, you are starting work that was began centuries go, and may carry on for decades after you.