Fuck Waka Flocka!

Yo! Fuck Waka Flocka!
Fuck all of you ABA (Anything But African) fucking Coons!
He think cuz he’s been allowed to “travel the world” and Coon for various nations and cultures (fulfilling all of the negative stereotypes of the Savage Ni@@er) that he’s wiser than us poor Blacks who’ve not traveled the world to grab our dicks and buck dance in Europe, Asia, and Latina America.
He coulda just acknowledged his mistake and continued to educate himself, but he now syaing he is actually “Black” but not “Black like Americans say,” WTF?
The only reason this even matters, really is because he actually represents a sentient and behavior that has plagued the entire African Diaspora since our ancestors were chained in the hulls of the Slave Ships.
Instead of acknowledging the atrocities and securing justice for ourselves, our ancestors, and our descendants; we run the fuck away from our historical obligations!
We really think inventing mythological origins, tying ourselves to Races and Cultures that are not only alien to us, but fucking hate us and reject us as consistently as White have we throughout history.
We ain’t no fucking Native Americans, We ain’t no fucking, Asiatics, We ain’t no fucking Moors, Arabs, or Aborigines, nor are we any of that other Bullshit yall try to graft on to!
We are fucking descendants of Africans who endured great atrocities to fucking get us here. We are members of the expansive African Diaspora, and that’s fucking that!
If being Black, African, a member of the Global African Diaspora is not a point of pride for you, if that’s not enough for you, fine, play Indian if you want to; but I challenge you to take your has to one of the dozens of First Nations and see what they have for your stupid Self-Hating ass.
You insane fools are treasonous to your true Race, but really expect members of your adopted Race and culture to embrace you, SMH; that would have to be as stupid and Self-Hating as you are.
So, the reality is; You “I Ain’t Black” Black People are actually in Cultural, Ethnic, and Racial Limbo. So, play Asian, Native, or whatever if you what to; you’ll be looking as dumb as Tiger Woods did when he came up with that Cablasian Bullshit, and the world will laugh at you as they reject you.
You Race Traitors or not different than any other Race Traitors in history, for the House Niggers, to those who snitched on Runaways, to those who pointed out the Bad Nigger to the Lynch Mob, to those who spied and informed on other King, X, Fred Hampton etc.
You are nothing more than Self-Hating, Self-Rejecting, Race Traitors who are in a state of Limbo, cuz rejecting your People will never win you the affections of those you want to identify with.