On New Negros & Anti-Violence.

We live under a thick blanket of White Aggression, Threat, and
Violence that hits us while we are still in our mother’s wombs, and it
stays with us until we die often premature deaths due to that White

We live under that blanket of White Aggression, Threat, and Violence without resisting it, without even acknowledging it.

But let a video of Blacks fighting in the streets hit the web, and all
of a sudden New Negros are anti-violence, they are appalled by violence, they denounce violence.  

Fuck yall muthafuckas who ain’t got shit to say about nuclear subs
patrolling the planet threatening all life forms, but yall wanna call
Black folks throwing fist in the Hood “animals” and “attack dogs.”

Da Fuck yall expect Black people to do when they have a dispute; call
the fucking Police?  Hire a lawyer and take it to these Racist courts?  
Run to the White man to address our conflicts like yall punk asses be

Also, I ain’t heard yall call Obama an “attack dog,” cuz
he using high tech weapons and repping White Authority.  How many bodies
has Colin Powell caught, I bet he put every “Hood Ni99a” to shame.  

I ain’t heard yall call the US military “thugs,” and “animals,” as they
kill millions.  I ain’t heard yall call weapons manufactures “beast.”

Fuck you New Negros.

Yall ain’t anti-Violence, yall anti-Black People.