Do you hate white people? And what are you thoughts on black supremacy? In one of your writings I’m not sure if I remember correctly you said there has never been a multiracial empire, what did you mean by this?

1. No. #AintNobodyGotTimeFoDat

2. I oppose the very notion of “Supremacy,” of people over other people, of people over animals, of men over women, etc.  Only the most insecure of people and cultures pursue such pathological ambitions as securing supremacy over others. 

3. Every empire in history has had an exclusive mentality/culture/Race at it’s core.  Empires employ many different Races and nations to do their bidding, but the leadership and driving force and essential character of any empire is never multiracial or multicultural.  From the Ottoman Empire, to the British Empire, to the Songhai Empire, to the American Empire; they may ave a multiracial covering, and many varied Races involved, but the core and characteristics is/was not multiracial.  Even though you had Black Roman Emperors, and a Black POTUS, the empires are White.