The Revolutionary 1%…

If 1% can rule and oppress the rest while holding the majority of the world’s wealth and resources under their direct control, why the hell are we always complaining about and using “lack of unity” as an excuse?

Why can’t a 1% of Conscious Africans liberate our people and redistribute the world’s resources?

We, the Conscious Black Community are not failing due to lack of unity and support from the unconscious masses, we fail because we do not fully embrace and live our ideologies; the unconscious masses are just our scapegoat.

I’ve been in the room with many Conscious Blacks, and all they wanted to discuss is what everyone outside that room wasn’t doing, or was unwilling to do. The moment I begin to discuss what we who were present, we who claim to be down, we who claim we wanted Liberation could do folks got silent. This always happens.

At this state of the struggle, it’s all about Quality over Quantity.

There are areas of the struggle where just two, or less than a dozen people working together and pooling their resources can have a great impact, and if that’s not happening, it’s on us Woke Folks not the masses.

Where is the Revolutionary 1%?

I also think we will see that if the few of us who are Conscious begin to truly walk the talk, we’d find that there are way more of us than 1%, we’d have the Unity we all claim we need so desperately.