I asked a person once, what is the solution to white supremacy(I know it’s white domination but at the time I aint know no better lol) And the person replied, several nuclear bombs. Do you agree with that statement? Do you think African nations, and majority African diaspora nations like Haiti, Jamaica, etc, should engage in nuclear weapons research and technology?

I do not agree, Nuclear Bombs are not the solution; I don’t think that African nations or nations of the African Diaspora should engage in nuclear weapons research and technology. 

Look at all of the fighting forces that fought the nuclear powers to a standstill or ousted them from their nations without using nukes.

Also, all nations that have nuclear weapons and energy are contaminated with nuclear waste and fall out; all of them.  Western Europe esp. France is some of the most contaminated lands on the globe, look a Japan, they will be dealing with cancers, congenital deformities, and irritated lands, food, and animals for centuries because they accepted nuclear power from the West. In fact, the Europeans are racing to decommission their nuclear power plants and weapons.

Also, there is no way to win a nuclear war.  This planet and its atmosphere functions like a fish bowl, everything goes everywhere, eventually.  The fucking water the dinosaurs drank is the same water we are drinking.  The water they use to cool nuclear reactors will eventually be the water we use to bathe our children; the world is a closed ecosystem!

That means of the West bombs Africa, the jet stream will carry that shit up to Europe, over to Asia, and on back to the US.  The rivers of Africa will feed the oceans and the ocean currents will carry that contamination all over that world.

That’s why Japan didn’t suffer a meltdown, the whole fucking world suffered a meltdown!

So, there’ no reason for Africans to join this insanity that White folks have force the world to deal with, no military or economic reason whatsoever.  We need to be working to dismantle this shit, but build more of it.

Please follow the work and research of Dr. Helen Caldicott, she the global expert on nuclear war, and it’s potential impacts; as well as the issues with nuclear energy. 

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