Your thoughts on Mao & the cultural revolution?

Mao gets such a bad rap.  They love attribution millions of deaths to Communist leaders and parities, but it is a great distortion of history.  Also, the Capitalist leaders and Systems have a body count that is higher and still growing; but we don’t hear about that.  (See: Late Victorian Holocaust.)

I think Mao was a better Revolutionary Freedom Fighter than a Statesman, but I still admire him and his historical contributions.

As for as Cultural Revoluiton, it is inevitable for any Revolutionary struggle to advance without a Cultural, or internal Revolution; even personally, as individuals who evolve into Revolutionist we have to embark on our own internal Revolution.  I think Mao’s Cultural and overall Revolution failed ultimately, but I think the Chinese Revoluiton will be reignited within this century, there are already uprisings across China ever year.  The State Capitalist ruling party which absurdly still holds to the title of “Communist” is trying to delay or advert the resurrection of the Chinese Left by shipping the disenfranchised off to Africa.  Just as the European Elites and Capitalist Class bought off the White oppressed classes in the 17th-191h centuries by giving them the New World to plunder.  I don’t think this will save the Ruling Chinese Elite however, (agin, that’s a whold nutha discussion).

  In the US we don’t use the same terminology, but the US had a Civil War that was a Cultural Revolution, it was the most bloody conflict of in US history.  WWII was a European Cultural Revolution with a massive body count.  Not all Cultural Revolutions are bloody, but they often are. 

The Pan-African community will have to go through a cultural revolution as our struggle advances, it could be bloody, or it could be peaceful, only time will tell.  I look forward to, and I work to bring about the Pan-African Cultural Revolution here in the US.