You.. Are.. Sooo wrong!!! True about the cloths we use them to cover our bodies from the sun and the dust wind.. But you are dead wrong about names and dead wrong about about in 300 to 400 year .. We are muslims we have our quran and we have our god with us.. Muslims conquered the world just by following the quran, we took spain for 800 years we used to have every thing .. Acually that “newton” you say that he was the one who discoverd the gravity.. He was sitting under a tree

I’m a little confused about some segments of your post, so I’ll just respond to the parts that I do understand.  (I assume you are responding to my post: “Some Notes on Islam…”)

Yes, the Quran united bickering and nomadic tribes into a Conquering force, but there was nothing holy, divine, or righteous about the Islamic onslaught in Africa.  It was as corrupt and bloody as the Christian invasions and conquest, or the Pagan Roman invasions.  So if you wanna brag about that history and attribute it to your God and your Holy Book, then you make your religion and God accessories to rape, murder, mutilation, genocide, slavery, and many other unspeakable crimes.

Also, Muslims never conquered the World, they only got as far as their military supply lines could take them, because they were not spreading the Holy Word, but (for the most part)invading innocent people who’ve never wronged or threatened them, some of those the Muslims attacked were actually of nations that helped the Prophet in his time of need, and sheltered Muslims when they were persecuted in their own lands.

The Moorish Occupation of Southern Europe was as much an African attempt to civilize Islam and Europe as it was a Muslim conquest, but I’m sure you would prefer to deal with the mythology of the Muslim occupation of Spain, than the real historical record so I won’t even get into it.

Thanks from reading the post, and for your response, I hope you well continue in your personal growth and understanding, as will I.